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HIV is Man-Made: The Hidden Truth about the Origin of HIV/AIDS



HIV is Man-Made The Hidden Truth about the Origin of HIVAIDS

‘The United Nations decided that, rather than hit that wall of 11 billion people, right then and there they were going to create a virus or a disease that would kill specifically, three-quarters of the people on Earth.’ – Drunvalo Melchizedek: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

According to mainstream scientists, the HIV-virus accidentally transferred from chimpanzees to hunters in the 20th century. It then spread across the globe as the hunters had sexual relationships with multiple partners.

Many truth seekers reject this theory because they wonder why the virus-transfer only occurred in the 20th century despite that human beings hunted chimpanzees for thousands of years.

I also doubted this theory, and I knew someone was hiding the true story about the origin of the HIV-virus. After conducting research, I eventually discovered that the virus was created by scientists as a biological weapon. Moreover, I learned that before the false theory of the origin of the virus was developed, many people in Europe knew the virus was created in a laboratory. For instance, Jakob Segal, a German-born biology professor, argued that the virus originated from biological warfare research that aimed at reducing the world’s population.

This point might be true because the virus mysteriously appeared in a period when most governments worried about rapid population growth. The governments worried because industrialization and urbanization had destroyed the world’s natural resources, and they knew that the remaining resources would not support the increasing population. Something had to be done to control this population.

The Chinese government was among the governments that worried about the population increase. It thus introduced a one-child policy – in 1979 – that demanded couples to only have one child.  This policy led to the killing of infants, and the destruction of the homes and valuables of the individuals who violated it.

Although the policy controlled population growth, the world’s major governments avoided it because it involved cruel methods of enforcement. These governments knew that a ‘silent’ way of controlling population growth would be more effective. They then demanded scientists to create a virus, leading to the creation of the HIV-virus.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, an esoteric researcher, believes these scientists extracted the virus from sheep and cows. He also believes the scientists first injected it into some Haitians before it spread across the globe.

He wrote, ‘In Haiti, there was an epidemic of hepatitis B moving through the community, and they all needed to be injected with hepatitis B vaccine. So U.N agents took the HIV/AIDS virus, put it in the hepatitis B vaccine and injected it into everyone. That’s how the virus started.’ (Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life).

The plan of controlling population growth using the HIV-virus has worked because the virus has killed over 32 million people. Moreover, about 35 million people are living with the virus, and hundreds of people are infected every day.

Anyway, besides the HIV-virus, some governments are creating other viruses to control the world’s population because they have realized that a large population will deplete the world’s natural resources.

Do you support the strategy of using AIDS to control population growth, or do you think there are better methods of controlling the world’s population? You are free to share your ideas in the comment box below.

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