How Semen Retention/Nofap Helps Cures IBS (Nofap and IBS)

How Semen Retention/Nofap Helps Cure IBS (Nofap and IBS)

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“Semen helps the digestive system of the body to extract all the right ingredients from the food to the maximum possible and, as needed. With low or no semen, the digestive system won’t function effectively and it will pass on the food in the digestive tract with little juice extraction and leave the rest. Low semen weakens the digestive system and that has the progressive effect on the entire body function……After mid-thirties or early forties instead of constipation, it can be the opposite. One may not be able to hold food for long in the stomach; it will pass on much quickly as the digestive system can become weaker due to lot of masturbations (semen ejaculations) since over two decades. The digestive system won’t be able to absorb all the necessary ingredients in the blood and so the body will pass the food, lot of it, as-is. No matter how nutritious food a person eats or drinks he won’t become stronger quickly and may take much longer to regain the energies, provided he stops semen ejaculations.” – David Baldwin, Why You Should Never Masturbate

In the article, How I Quickly Cured My IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I generally explained how I healed from IBS. Here, I will focus on how I think semen retention/Nofap helps cure IBS.

I hope this helps.

I practiced semen retention several weeks after a strict diet and the medication – Librax – had controlled my diarrhea. I realized that semen retention/Nofap played a huge role in curing my IBS because, while retaining my seed, I did not experience flare-ups despite drinking, smoking, and eating foods that previously worsened my condition. My stool also hardened and its quantity reduced after giving up fapping and sex.

After noticing that semen retention/Nofap relieved my IBS symptoms, it dawned on me that frequent ejaculation through sex and fapping played a part in causing my IBS because I became obsessed with sex and fapping during the period when I was diagnosed with IBS. Although drinking too much alcohol and smoking too much weed during this period played a huge role in causing IBS, my research and experience confirmed that fapping was also a major cause and, therefore, avoiding fapping could help cure IBS.

I found that ejaculation causes the body to lose the sexual or life-force energy, which is essential for overall health and well-being. The depletion of sexual energy, also known as the generative energy due to its ability to create life, disrupts the delicate equilibrium required for optimal health, weakening the body’s natural defenses and regenerative capabilities, and eventually hindering the body’s natural healing processes. As a result, the body becomes vulnerable to health conditions such as IBS.

On the other hand, conserving sexual energy through semen retention/Nofap helps cure IBS by allowing the body to have an abundance of regenerative energy, which enhances the body’s ability to repair and maintain itself. In other words, when the life-force energy is not depleted through ejaculation or masturbation, the body re-directs it towards healing and maintaining bodily functions. 

I also found that excess fapping or sexual intercourse makes the body susceptible to IBS by causing the loss of minerals, such as potassium, zinc, and magnesium, which play a critical role in digestive health.

Potassium promotes the digestion and absorption of proteins and carbohydrates, the right amount of zinc is critical to intestinal health, and as May Zhu, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, in her article, Magnesium Gut Health, Digestion and Deficiency: What’s the Connection?, writes, ‘Magnesium is involved in the activation and regulation of digestive enzymes that break down food in the stomach and intestines. Low magnesium levels can potentially impair enzyme function, resulting in poor digestion and nutrient absorption in adults.’

For this reason, abstaining from ejaculation can increase the chances of healing from IBS by ensuring the preservation and availability of the minerals necessary for a healthy digestive system. By avoiding fapping, the body regains its natural healing abilities by restoring its mineral balance. 

To conclude, based on my research and experience, I realized that semen retention/Nofap plays an important role in relieving IBS symptoms and eventually curing it. It leads to the conservation of life-force energy and an increased availability of minerals required for a healthy digestive system. However, while semen retention/Nofap could be effective in curing IBS, it must be combined with spiritual practice, regular exercise, a healthy diet and, most importantly, professional medical advice, all of which play a very huge role in relieving IBS symptoms.

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