Who the Fuck Are the Illuminati/Elite?

Last Updated on October 13, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

For years, I’ve studied the Illuminati and I respect them for one thing. They are geniuses. These guys have cleverly hidden many things from us and they’ve managed to make the society behave and think the way they want. I always wonder what enables them to succeed in doing so.

They designed schools to teach us shit and make us believe that people should waste half of their lives in school so that they work in jobs they hate. They lied to us that we must work till we retire then enjoy life after retirement when we are too old for sex. Besides this, they made us believe material goods are more important than everything else and tricked us into believing that spirituality is nonsense. Lastly, they made us believe politicians have our interests at heart.

Some people claim that the Illuminati manage to control us because they are magicians. These people think the Illuminati know how to work with the universal energy.

Others argue that they are intelligent shape-shifting reptilians that shape-shift into the politicians that rule us today. However, some individuals argue that the Illuminati are ordinary people who work with evil forces to control the world. Some believe the Illuminati are superior to us because they have historical information that most of us don’t possess.

This historical information reveals the true history of human beings and teaches people how to awaken their hidden powers. Some historians claim that ancient men were intelligent because they were highly connected to the Universal Intelligence and nature. They also claim that there are many hidden artifacts that prove that ancient men conducted X-rays, brain surgeries, and constructed magnificent buildings. For this reason, ancient men are believed to be extremely intelligent beings, and therefore, those who have access to their ways of living – for instance, the Illuminati – become highly intelligent.

Any of the above theories about the Illuminati might be true, or all of them might be false. However, regardless of what people theorize about the Illuminati, what is clear and true is that the Illuminati are rich, powerful people who know something about the world, consciousness, and humanity that enables them to control the masses. They work day and night to distract us from this hidden truth.

They know we might discover this hidden truth and know who we truly are if they don’t distract us with the media, schools, jobs, and many other weapons of mass distraction. They don’t want us to discover our true nature because they know we will demand an equal share of the world’s resources if we awaken, realize our true magical powers and notice that we’ve been fooled.

I also think the Illuminati might be powerful mystics who are preventing us from knowing how powerful we are because the world might become chaotic if everybody knows their true powers and what they can do with them.

But what if the Illuminati is bullshit and doesn’t exist. Maybe we are tricked to believe the Illuminati exists but it’s just a stupid idea meant to distract us. Or maybe the Illuminati is real, but it’s a name given to the earth-bound satanic forces that want humanity to suffer.

And what if what’s hidden isn’t really hidden because we can access Infinite Intelligence and know all there is to know. What are your opinions about the elite/Illuminati?

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