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Why Obsession with Sex Will Lead You to Your Downfall



Why Obsession with Sex Will Lead You to Your Downfall

Sexual intercourse is overrated today. For this reason, many people are obsessed with it. We think about sex most of the time and consider ourselves sex experts when we satisfy our sexual partners. Many men want to have sex all the time and consider themselves superstars when they have sex with several women. Women do not value virginity anymore: they are willing to have multiple sexual partners because they are also obsessed with sex.

This obsession arises from ignorance. Unlike the ancients, modern men and women do not know the side effects of sexual obsession or compulsive sexual behavior.

An obsession with sex wastes your time. When I was obsessed with sex, I believed sex was the most important thing, as the media portrays. Thus, I focused excessively on getting laid. I used my free time to read books and watch videos that help men attract women easily. I watched pornography every day searching for sexual techniques that could lead to multiple orgasms. I seldom used my precious free time to learn new skills and commit to my goals. All I wanted was sexual intercourse; I wasted a lot of time, money, and energy before realizing that my obsessive desire to get laid impeded my progress.

An obsessive desire for sex encourages men to visit nightclubs regularly, hoping to get laid. It wastes their time and money as they chase women. This desire leads to constant conflicts between men and their spouses, making it difficult for them to attain mental calmness or focus on their job/work responsibilities. Besides, it leads to excessive masturbation, which is detrimental to progress because, as David Baldwin – in Why You Should Never Masturbate – writes:

When semen drains out of the body, it depletes the key elements from the brain, which can cause various problems like headache, reduced thinking abilities, recall abilities, forgetfulness, lowered ability to concentrate, unable to focus for long, getting mentally tired or impatient quickly, etc

Anyway, sexual obsession is also detrimental to women. Women obsessed with sex – like men – become vulnerable to sexual diseases. They excessively focus on improving their bodily appearance and spend most of their money on cosmetics. These women will never maintain a long-term relationship because they cannot attain sexual satisfaction with one partner. Their relationships will always be rocky because they get bored quickly. They will always desire –consciously or unconsciously – to have different sexual experiences with several men. Excessive sexual intercourse will lead to rapid aging, constant fatigue, increased vulnerability to disease, and loss of beauty.

All evil secret societies promote sexual obsession through the media. They know excessive sexual intercourse will prevent spiritual growth by reinforcing your animal consciousness. These secret societies also know this: ‘the vital sexual energy is what creates life – literally. When you expel this vital sexual energy in short-term sexual acts, you do not allow the life energy to build inside of yourself. When you do not participate in short-term sexual relationships, you allow this tremendous energy to build within you and give you incredible vitality and inner life.’ – Victor Pride

Therefore, we must try to overcome compulsive sexual behavior. We must avoid pornography and reduce our exposure to music videos and films that promote sexual intercourse. We must study the side-effects of compulsive sexual behavior and strive to experience the bliss of celibacy.

I am on a semen retention/sexual abstinence journey, and I enjoy it. Life seems exciting and more spiritual. I feel more connected to Source Energy/God. I have stopped experiencing the anxiety and stress accompanying chasing women, short-term sexual relationships, desiring intense sexual experiences, and trying to get laid or impress women.

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