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16 Amazing Napoleon Hill Quotes That Teach the Secret to Success

Last Updated on October 3, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

Napoleon Hill, also known as The Father of Personal Success, is known for influencing thousands of folks into greatness. Despite being born in poverty, Napoleon Hill became a successful author. His famous book, Think and Grow Rich, has sold over 10 million copies to date. Besides Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill has written many amazing books such as Outwitting the Devil and The Laws of Success.

Napoleon Hill interviewed more than 500 successful folks and 25,000 failures because he desired to know the secret formula for success. His books and talks are so motivating that I had to gather the following quotes from them.


  1. ‘No matter what may be your problem or desire, there is always something you can do right now that will help you.’
  2. ‘Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches.’
  3. ‘A positive mental attitude can clear away all obstacles which stand between you and your major purpose in life.’
  4. ‘A big success is made up of a great number of little circumstances each of which is so small and seemingly insignificant that most people pass it by as not worthy of notice.’
  5. ‘Before you can achieve success in the higher and broader sense you must gain such thorough control over yourself.’
  6. ‘Man’s only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination.’
  7. ‘Establish for yourself a definite fixed system of conditioning your mind at the beginning of each day so that you keep it positive under all circumstances.’
  8. ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.’
  9. ‘No one can do better than earn a mere living unless and until he begins going the extra mile.’
  10. ‘If you believe it, you can do it.’
  11. ‘The person who makes persistence his watch-word discovers that “Old Man Failure” finally becomes tired, and makes his departure. Failure cannot cope with persistence.”
  12.  ‘The mental attitude in which you render service determines the space you occupy in your chosen calling and the compensation you get from your services.’
  13. ‘Your only limitations are those which you set up in your own mind or permit others to set up for you.’
  14. ‘The failures see the hole in the donut but do not see the donut around the hole. The successful also see the hole but they see the donut around the hole. ‘
  15. ‘Deep desire is the beginning of all human accomplishments. You can turn your past failure into success if you will understand and intelligently apply the principles of applied psychology.’
  16. ‘Learn something of the powers of your mind. It will free you of the curse of fear and fill you with inspiration and courage.’

Napoleon Hill was the greatest self-help teacher, and every self-help master copied his concepts. May his soul rest in peace.

Anyway, which of the above Napoleon Hill quotes inspired you the most?

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