17 Amazing Quotes from Prayer Works by Robert Collier

17 Amazing Quotes from Prayer Works by Robert Collier

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In his book, Prayer Works, Robert Collier enlightens readers about the factors they can incorporate in their prayers for them to work. He also discusses the factors that result in many prayers not being answered. For these reasons, reading the book will increase your faith in prayer.

Anyway, I noted down the following quotes while reading the book.


  1. ‘You are to visualize the things you want. You are not to worry about this debt or that note, but mentally see the Infinite Supply all about you. All that you need is near ye, God is complete supply. Trust, have faith, then hear ye, dare to assert the ‘I’.
  2. ‘Remember this, if you pray to God, and keep your attention to your problem, you’ll still have your problem. You’ll run into it and continue to run into it as long as you keep your attention focused upon it. What you must do is fix your attention upon God – upon His goodness, His love, His power to remedy any ill or adjust any outward condition. Focus your attention upon these, and these are the conditions you will run into.’
  3. ‘Prayer is a realization of your Oneness with God, and of the infinite power this gives you. It is an acceptance of the fact that there is nothing on earth you cannot have- once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it. Nothing you cannot do – once your mind has grasped the fact that you can do it.’
  4. ‘Did you ever act upon the answer to those long and fervent prayers of yours? Yet that is the way it must be, if you are to pray for an answer and get it. If you pray for health you must accept health. You must act as though you have already received it. If you pray for other things, you must accept them at once and start doing – even on the smallest scale –the things you would do when the answer to your prayer becomes evident.’
  5. ‘A definite purpose, held to in the face of every discouragement and failure, in spite of all obstacles and opposition, will win no matter what the odds.’
  6. ‘Today we have in the airplane, the physical wings to carry us far above the clouds, but still, we lag behind many ancient philosophers in acquiring the mental wings to lift us over the bags of sickness and the tangled wilderness of want.’
  7. ‘In the morning hour, the mind is fresh and at its very best. It is free from distraction, and that absolute concentration upon God which is essential to the most effective prayer is most easily possible in the early morning hours.’
  8. ‘It is more common for most of us to pray before the great events of life than it is to pray after them, but the latter is as important as the former.’
  9. ‘In approaching God to ask for new blessings, we should never forget to return thanks for blessings already granted.’
  10. The influence of prayer on the human mind and body is as demonstrable as that of secreting glands. Its results can be measured in terms of increased physical buoyancy, greater intellectual vigor, moral stamina, and a deeper understanding of the realities underlying human relationships.’
  11. ‘If you make a habit of sincere prayer, your life will be noticeably and profoundly altered.’
  12. ‘When we pray, we link ourselves with the inexhaustible motive power that spins the universe. We ask that a part of this power be apportioned to our needs. Even in asking, our human deficiencies are filled and we arise strengthened and repaired.’
  13. ‘We derive most power from prayer when we use it not as a petition, but as a supplication that we may become more like God.’
  14. ‘There are many records of men who in times of serious distress have prayed for wisdom and guidance, for faith and hearts of steel. They did not stop to argue about the efficacy of prayer. In the hour of physical pain, of peril, of crisis, they turned to God and earnestly besought his help. And such prayer always brought solace.’
  15. ‘Serious sickness may be caused by indulgence in jealousy, anger, little meanness, malicious gossip, or family quarrels. The remedy is often found in establishing an inner calmness, forbearance, and sincere daily prayer.’
  16. ‘Our hopes, desires, intuition, and plans are tied up in the deep emotional content of our being. Prayer treatment releases these deep things of our spirit into orderly sequence and right action.’
  17. ‘Talk to God and let God talk to you. When you are through with your praying, take time to be still –really very still- and let God talk to you.’

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