17 Great Paulo Coelho Quotes (Net worth – $500 Million)

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Paulo Coelho is a successful author primarily known for his best-seller, The Alchemist, which sold over 160 million copies. I believe The Alchemist is the most inspiring novel you’ll ever read.

Paulo Coelho believes in omens, luck, coincidence and many other esoteric ideas. He also believes in God, and trusts that anyone who follows his or her dreams will achieve them.

Below, are some of his greatest quotes.

  1.  “You are here to honor the miracle of life.”
  2. “It’s not enough to know what you want. You have to do what you want, to be what you want.”
  3. “Inspiration is this wind that is guiding you towards your destiny.”
  4. “Life really is generous for those who pursue their destiny.”
  5. “If you believe in victory then victory will believe in you.”
  6. “Don’t worry about the fear of failure, it is a human feeling.”
  7. “When you put love and enthusiasm in your work, people will realize that you did your work with all your body and soul.”
  8. “Life is about the present moment.”
  9. “Transformation always occurs during the moments of crisis.”
  10. “I’m going to fight till the end of my days for my dreams.”
  11.  “We have a reason to be here.”
  12.  “You have to take risks all the time. If you don’t do that you won’t move forward.”
  13. “You need to use your intuition and you need to be brave enough to dive deep into this unknown universe.”
  14. “The act of discovering who we are will force us to accept that we can go further than we think.”
  15. “Talent is a universal gift, but it takes a lot of courage to use it. Don’t be afraid to be the best.”
  16. “If you are honest enough, God is going to guide you.”
  17. “I think coincidence is the language of the stars.”

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