17 Important Ryan Holiday Quotes for Aspirers

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Ryan holiday is an American entrepreneur and best-selling author. He’s best known for his two books: The Obstacle is the Way, and Ego is the Enemy.

Ryan Holiday believes stoicism is necessary for a well-lived life and thus teaches stoicism in his books and seminars.

Here are some of his quotes which I believe are important to all aspirers.

  1.  “Your willingness to take risks especially when you are young is the difference between an average life and an extraordinary life.”
  2.  “You can’t play five sports at the same time, you gotta pick one. You gotta specialize.”
  3. “I don’t feel the need to have artificial competition in my life. I’m competing with my job.”
  4. “Failure shows us the way, by showing us what isn’t the way.”
  5. “Everyone has something that they can offer the world. They’ve got to figure out what that thing is.”
  6. “I think you always want to be challenging yourself and pushing yourself in the work that you do.
  7. “It’s often on the other side of what you are afraid of that you experience really great things.”
  8. “I think the BIG problem that many people have is they don’t know what’s important to them. And so they end up getting distracted by things that other people are doing or things that other people are trying to do to them.”
  9. “In failure or adversity, it’s so easy to hate.”
  10. “Having the life you want, there is a cost. And you gotta be ready to pay that cost.”
  11. “Anyone who has ambition. Anyone who is trying to do big things needs to be weary of ego. The more you can manage that and the humbler you can be, the easier time you gonna have dealing with the things that come along with success.”
  12. “Ego is the enemy of what you want and what you have: Of mastering a craft. Of real creative insight. Of working well with others. Of building loyalty and support. Of longetivity. Of repeating and retaining your success.”
  13. “An entrepreneur is someone with faith in their ability to make something where there was nothing before. To them, the idea that no one has ever done this or that is a good thing.”
  14.  “I feel like I should always be doing and doing and doing. But sometimes you are just supposed to be. And often times being still is where really great insights come from.”
  15. “We know objectively that we gonna die. We don’t have unlimited amounts of time but we still spend it as if we have unlimited amounts of time.”
  16. “Doing your best is what matters. Focus on that. External rewards are just extra.”
  17. “Pursue what the philosopher Seneca refers to as euthymia – the tranquility of knowing what you are after and not being distracted by others.”

Hope you enjoyed Ryan Holiday’s quotes.

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