20 More Enlightening Quotes from Seth: the Spiritual Entity that Possessed a Famous American Author

Last Updated on April 22, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

In the article, 20 Enlightening Quotes from Seth, I briefly discussed how the Seth material was created, and I shared with you amazing quotes by Seth. Many people liked the post, and for this reason, I decided to share with you more quotes by this spiritual entity.

  1. The fact is that each of you creates your own physical reality; and en masse, you create both the glories and the terrors that exist within your earthly experience. Until you realize that you are the creators, you will refuse to accept this responsibility.’
  2. ‘All creativity and consciousness is born in the quality of play, as opposed to work.’
  3. ‘Scientists are finally learning what philosophers have known for centuries – that mind can influence matter. They still have to discover the fact that the mind creates and forms matter.’
  4. ‘You are so focused in your roles, however; so intrigued by the reality that you have created, so entranced by the problems, challenges, hopes, and sorrows of your particular roles that you have forgotten they are your own creation.’
  5. ‘When your body and mind are working together then the relationship between the two goes smoothly, and their natural therapeutic systems place you in a state of health and grace.’
  6. ‘The natural healing of sound can happen when you do such a simple thing as listening to the rain. You do not need drugs, hypnotism, or even meditation.’
  7. ‘Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapists, and one of your most effective assets as connectors between the interior and exterior universes.’
  8. ‘The most rejuvenating idea of all, and the greatest step to any true illumination, is the realization that your exterior life springs from the invisible world of your reality through your conscious thoughts and beliefs, for then you realize the power of your individuality and identity.’
  9. ‘You have taught yourselves to look outward into physical reality, but the inward validity of your being cannot be found there – only its effects.’
  10. ‘If you learn to know yourself better in daily life and to become more fully aware even of your earthly life, then you will indeed receive information that hints of a deeper, more supportive reality, in which physical existence rests.’
  11. ‘Your conscious beliefs direct the flow of unconscious processes which bring you ideas into physical reality, so while your thoughts cause your experience, you are not consciously aware of how this takes place.’
  12. ‘Your soul, therefore – the soul that you are – the soul that you are part of – that soul is far more creative and miraculous phenomenon than you previously supposed.’
  13. ‘The fact is that while you hold limited concepts of your own reality, then you cannot practically take advantage of many abilities that are your own; and while you have a limited concept of the soul, then to some extent you cut yourself off from the source of your own being and creativity.’
  14. ‘So your soul, that which you are, constructs your physical daily reality for you from the nature of your thoughts and expectations.’
  15. ‘Even in primitive societies, witch doctors and other natural therapists have understood that the point of power is in the present.’
  16. ‘If you pay attention to your own quite conscious thoughts, you will find that you are concentrating upon precisely those negative aspects that so appal you.’
  17. ‘What you think about your body, health, and illness will determine how your food is used, and how your chemistry handles fats, for instance, or carbohydrates. Your attitudes in preparing meals are highly important.’
  18. ‘Wear your individuality proudly. It is the badge of your godhood. You are a god living a life – being, desiring, creating. Through honoring yourself, you honor whatever God is, and become a conscious co-creator.
  19. ‘The physical body is basically equipped to maintain itself as a healthy long-living organism far beyond your present understanding.’
  20. ‘Knowledge is usually passed down through ages in your reality, in books and historic writings, yet each individual contains within himself or herself a vast repository; direct knowledge of the past, in your terms, through unconscious comprehension.’

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