21 Life Changing Marisa Peer Quotes

21 Life Changing Marisa Peer Quotes

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Marisa Peer is a therapist, best-selling author, and motivational speaker who loves helping people overcome problems and live a good life. She is the founder of the Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), an effective therapeutic technique that enables individuals to pinpoint the root cause of their problems.

Marisa Peer’s amazing therapeutic skills have earned her several awards, culminating in her recognition as the Best British Therapist by The Men’s Health Magazine.

Marisa Peer has attracted the interest of many celebrities, who consult her when facing psychological issues. She is a passionate therapist who shares insightful pieces of advice that build self-confidence.

Besides being a good therapist, Marisa Peer is also financially successful because as of 2024, her networth is estimated to be around $13 million.

I collected some her quotes while watching her videos.


  1. ‘Every thought you think and every word you say forms a blueprint and your mind must work to make that blueprint real.’
  2. ‘Successful people do what they hate to get to where they want to be.’
  3. ‘You make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you.’
  4. ‘When you believe in you, everyone else believes in you.’
  5. ‘The first rule of your mind is, what you expect you realize, so expect amazing things.’
  6. ‘Celebrities don’t take no for an answer.’
  7. ‘Belief without talent will take you far further than talent without belief. But if you have both you can go far.’
  8. ‘There’s nothing that builds you up the way self-praise does.’
  9. ‘Don’t fear fear. The only fear to fear is fear itself.’
  10. ‘Form a partnership with your brain, communicate with it better.’
  11. ‘What you want, wants you, and what you are moving towards is moving towards you.’
  12. ‘People who fail, give up their dreams because they link pain to them.’
  13. ‘When you can collaborate with your mind and tell it what you want, you will get what you want.’
  14. ‘Babies don’t have fear. Therefore, so many fears we have are acquired.’
  15. ‘With fear, you always have two choices; rationalize it or talk yourself out of it.’
  16. ‘If you want to be happy, praise yourself a lot.’
  17. ‘You need to put your effort into falling in love with you and then the world will change so dramatically.’
  18. ‘People who are very successful never ever wait for motivation. They do it because when you do it you become motivated.’
  19. ‘Once you believe in yourself it doesn’t really matter what other people think.’
  20. ‘Find what you love and be brilliant at it.’
  21. ‘They (successful people) get rejected but they come back over and over again.

Which among the above Marisa Peer quotes did you like the most?

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