21 Powerful Quotes From A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper

Last Updated on August 12, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

After falling in love with esotericism, I discovered that the universe is governed by a network of interconnected laws that affect the quality of our lives. I then read Diana Cooper’s book, A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, to acquire an in-depth understanding of these laws. In the book, Diana Cooper simplifies these laws and illustrates them with stories that enable readers to understand and remember them.

I noted down the most powerful spiritual quotes from the book.


  1. ‘No one can know the whole truth while in a body. Only the Creator knows that, but stay open and let your intuition guide you.’
  2. ‘God offers us guidance in dreams, meditation or through the prompting of intuition.’
  3. ‘When your child asks pleasantly and you have a sense that he is ready to value your help, you are undoubtedly delighted to give it. So, too, are the forces of light.’
  4. ‘Earth is a place of learning where our lessons are presented to us by making our outside world an exact reflection of our inner world.’
  5. ‘When you need help from the angels, Jesus, the ascended masters or any of the spiritual hierarchy of light, first quiet and centre yourself. Meditate on what you really want and find clarity about it. Then ask the beings to whom you wish to address your request for the help you require. They will always help you.’
  6. ‘Every time we focus on something we are calling it towards us. With our thoughts and beliefs, we invite people, situations and material things into our life.’
  7. ‘Whatever you give attention to manifests. It does not matter if it is big, small, good or bad. Spiritual law ensures that an outcome manifests to the exact percentage you give it attention.’
  8. ‘If you hold onto old emotions you are full of those old memories, which prevent fresh and happier things from coming in. As soon as you throw away unwanted stuff from your home, the Law of Flow will ensure that something else takes place.’
  9. ‘When we are worrying and our thoughts are going around and around in circles imagining every possible outcome, we are in dark.’
  10. ‘Whatever your aim in life, if you gather the energy and sight your target, the might of the Universe is unleashed beyond your vision.’
  11. ‘We draw from the universal pool according to our consciousness. You either have poverty consciousness or abundance consciousness.’
  12. ‘It’s not spiritual to keep worrying about money.’
  13. ‘The easiest way to achieve material success is to use the Law of Attention. Be clear about what you want, have the necessary confidence and determination, then work steadfastly towards that vision.’
  14. ‘Many people pray without really expecting the prayer to be granted, so they take no action. What they do not realize is that faith activates a response from the universe.’
  15. The aim and intention of meditation is to still the chatter long enough for Source/God to drop in HIS seeds of guidance and wisdom.’
  16. ‘Angels have a high-frequency vibration. Simply thinking about them raises your consciousness.’
  17. ‘Genuine forgiveness and unconditional love are divine energies that allow miracles to happen.’
  18. ‘Coincidences and synchronicities are directed by God and orchestrated by your spirit guides so that you have the opportunity to fulfil your destiny.’
  19. ‘You will handle your challenges differently according to your level of consciousness.’
  20. ‘Bless everyone and fill them with divine energy and you will be open to the blessings of the universe.’
  21. Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it transcends the lower laws and makes the impossible possible.’


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