22 Joe Vitale Enlightening Quotes

22 Joe Vitale Enlightening Quotes You Must Read Right Now

Last Updated on June 28, 2019 by The Unbounded Thinker

Joe Vitale is a spiritual speaker, author, and musician who loves teaching about prosperity. You’ll be motivated and inspired if you read his books and watch his YouTube videos.

I collected Joe Vitale’s enlightening quotes which you must read right now. 

  1. ‘If you really and truly came from an inner attitude of genuine gratitude for your life – even for the current struggles in it -you’d begin to attract more good to be more grateful for.’
  2. ‘If you focus on one thing at a time – you are a missile targeted and sending a powerful signal right into your subconscious mind.’
  3. ‘What you get in the next few moments is going to be based on what you feel in this moment.’
  4. ‘One of the thoughts that I had to entertain and accept as a reality, was the idea that money/wealth could come to me in a wide variety of ways.’
  5. ‘Be focused on what you want very clearly but without an attachment to it.’
  6. ‘We live in a belief driven universe, when you change your beliefs you change your reality.’
  7. ‘It all begins in the inside.’
  8. ‘The clearer you are, the faster you get the results in your life.’
  9. ‘If you carry around the past, you are not going to be able to create the future you want.’
  10. ‘As you learn to trust that something’s working behind the scenes on your behalf at all times, you’ll arrive at that place where you see miracles everywhere.’
  11. ‘The ‘Great Something’ has already given you life. Be grateful for that, and more good will come your way – automatically, easily, effortlessly, and naturally.’
  12. ‘When you awaken from this victimhood mindset and move into more of an empowerment mindset you start to attract more money in your life because you start to have more power and energy to make new decisions.’
  13. ‘Do you realize that there’s virtually no limits to what you want to achieve?’
  14. ‘When you appreciate what you have, you will receive more.’
  15. ‘Don’t lean on the past, learn from it and move on.’
  16. ‘The universe in many ways realigns itself and repositions everybody to make our dreams come true.’
  17. ‘The more you give, the more you engage the law of attraction to bring wealth to you.’
  18. ‘When you get rid of your conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs, there’s nothing stopping you from getting anything done.’
  19. ‘We allow ourselves to survive but we don’t allow ourselves to prosper because of the belief we have about money/success.’
  20. ‘I have found that one of the greatest ways to attract money in your life is by giving it away.’
  21. ‘When you give money away, psychologically you are telling yourself that there is more than enough.’
  22. ‘There is no scarcity at all. The scarcity is in our scientific understanding of the universe, and the scarcity is in our own psychological make-up.

Which of the above quotes by Joe Vitale did you like the most? Why?


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  1. I liked “it all begins from the inside”…
    When I read all the quotes they have to do with me as an individual and the beliefs that I have ….
    I choose daily to think on purpose .