25 Unforgettable Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes

25 Unforgettable Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Gary Vaynerchuk is an author, businessman, and a no-nonsense speaker.

As of 2024, Gary Vaynerchuk’s net worth is $200 million.

Gary Vee is mainly respected for growing his family’s wine business by $ 57 million within 5 years.

I love listening to him because he is straightfoward. While listening to his pieces of advice, I gathered the following quotes.

  1. “The market is the market is the market. If you have 39 views on Youtube, it means you suck, it means it’s not interesting.”
  1. “Do you know how many people here literally drive cars to impress people that they fuckin hate?”
  1. “Great, you got an A in business class, that shit is bullshit.”
  1. “How you make your money is more important than how much you make.”
  1. “Stop making excuses, stop complaining, nobody is listening, they may pretend they are listening, the market doesn’t care.”
  1. “You can read Guru-shit, but living it is the game.”
  1. “It’s hard work, hustle and talent. That’s the formula always and forever.
  1. “There are so many people that are talking shit about how big of an entrepreneur they are gonna be and how much they are gonna achieve and they don’t work on weekends. You know, I worked every Saturday in my 20s.”
  1. “Don’t chase the money.”
  1. “People want these special things to happen but then they are acting like everybody else.”
  1. “I do believe that work-ethic is a taught-behaviour, it’s something you do have more control over.”
  1. “Every time you let somebody’s voice get into your head, and their opinion, or what they are doing, you will become insecure.”
  1. “Taking action, especially if it doesn’t cost you money, is always a better answer than pondering, or thinking or trying to decide if this is gonna work.
  1. “Being a number 1 is a totally different DNA trait, it means you love getting punched in the mouth, it means you don’t care about what other people think.”
  1. “Take full ownership for everything and then everything gets easy because then you are in control.”
  1. “So many of you are not taking action because you are overthinking.”
  1. “The thing that really stands out to me is that there are no shortcuts.”
  1. “If anybody ever did it, then you can too.”
  1. “What you need to do, is make one person happy: You. Then you can make everybody else happy.”
  1. “You have to understand that shit will always change. If it’s terrible right now it’s going to get better. If it’s phenomenal right now, it is going to get worse. That is just the way it has always been.”
  1. “If you actually are optimistic, and you make a goal, and your actions map to it, you miraculously get somewhere close to it.”
  1. “It’s just maximizing what you can do while you are awake.”
  1. “Everybody is fucking planning, planning, planning, planning, and nobody is doing.”
  1. “Nobody cares about your problems.”
  1. “Nobody’s been successful on pure talent.”

Which of the above quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk did you like the most?


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