28 Things That Are Wrong With Modern Society

27 Things That Are Wrong With Modern Society

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

It is fun to live in the modern society. We can quickly move from one place to another, we are free to make independent decisions and live our own lives, and we have several sources of entertainment. Despite the almost infinite advantages of modern society, several things are wrong with it. This article summarizes them.

  1. People are obsessed with physical appearance.
  2. There is an overwhelming pressure to succeed.
  3. People are obsessed with being successful, and they believe success is the only thing that can make them happy.
  4. Relationships are falling apart faster than they did in ancient societies.
  5. People are less concerned with spirituality.
  6. People compete with their neighbors, friends, and sometimes family.
  7. We believe wealth and high social status are the only things we need to be happy.
  8. We don’t respect and value the natural environment.
  9. We seldom pursue wisdom.
  10. Love is highly conditional.
  11. We are not interested in our history.
  12. One third of our lives is spent at work.
  13. We are led by people who don’t care about us.
  14. We value the future more than the present.
  15. We have lost our connection with nature.
  16. We can be killed for exposing the Truth.
  17. We lost our natural connection to intuition.
  18. We are concerned with things beyond our circle of influence.
  19. We want instant results.
  20. We have a limited understanding of The Creator/Our Infinite Power.
  21. We desire fame, success, and wealth, but we don’t want to work for them.
  22. We believe in the existence of a perfect life.
  23. Women want to be men.
  24. We lost our connection with spiritual beings.
  25. We prioritize urbanization even when it destroys the environment.
  26. Our education system is useless.
  27. The justice system favors the rich.

Besides the above factors, what else do you think is wrong with modern society?

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