30 Powerful Quotes from Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini

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Love Without Conditions is an amazing book by Paul Ferrini that shares the teachings of Jesus in a simple manner. The book teaches the importance of surrendering to life, being in the present moment, forgiving, and many other spiritual topics important to our spiritual journey.

I love Paul Ferrini’s book because it is practical and enlightening. I noted down the following quotes from the book, which I really wanted to share with you.


  1. ‘Life is either resistance or surrender. These are the only choices. Resistance leads to suffering. Surrender leads to bliss.’
  2. ‘Every experience is an opportunity to embrace truth and reject illusion. One experience is not better or worse than another in this respect.’
  3. ‘But please do not try to replace negative, fearful thoughts with positive, loving thoughts. This just sets up conflict in your mind. Instead, let awareness work. Simply be aware of your fear and feel it.’
  4. ‘To experience a miracle, the following factors must be present: you must know that you need it, you must ask for it sincerely, and you must be willing to receive it.’
  5. ‘Let god be the one to answer your prayer. Do not try to tell Him what you need. He knows better than you do. Trust in that.’
  6. ‘Every experience that comes your way will ask you if you are willing to let go, if you are willing to trust, and if you are willing to step out of time.’
  7. ‘How many of you are fully present in your experience? Most of you are busy judging your experience, finding fault with it, wishing that it looked as you expected it to look. In other words, you are holding onto your false identity. You are trying to make the present conform to the past.’
  8. ‘That is the best advice I can give to you. Stay in the present without expectations, without attachment to outcome. Do not complain about the form that is offered to you, or invest it with more importance than it has. Perfection is not available outside of you.’
  9. ‘Every judgment you make on your brother states very specifically what you hate or cannot accept about yourself. You never hate another unless it reminds you of yourself.’
  10. ‘Ironically, it is precisely at those times when you are most frantic trying to figure out and ‘fix’ your problems that you most need to be quiet and listen.’
  11. ‘When you withhold love from yourself, you attract others into your life who are doing the same thing.’
  12. ‘Don’t try to love other people before you learn to love yourself. You won’t be able to do it.’
  13. ‘This may be hard for you to hear, but it is the truth. Unless you are happy now, you will never find happiness. So if you are not happy now, stop trying to find happiness in the future and bring your attention to the present moment. That is where your happiness is.’
  14. ‘Don’t try to live without fear. To try to live without fear is the most fearful proposition you can imagine. Just acknowledge the fear and move through to the other end of it. Don’t try to live without condemning yourself or others. Just see the condemnation and move through it in forgiveness.’
  15. ‘You experience darkness and scarcity only when you find fault with the situation you are presented with in the moment. When you see the situation and feel gratitude for it, you experience only bliss.’
  16. ‘Understand, brother, that here in this moment, there is nothing wrong with you or with your life. Everything is as it should be.’
  17. ‘If you see the glass as half empty, do not be surprised if before too long there is nothing left in the glass.’
  18. ‘You can’t force yourself to think positively, but you can acknowledge your negativity. Acknowledging your negativity is a loving act. It is a gesture of hope. It says; ‘I see what is happening and I know there is a better way. I know that I can make another choice.’
  19. ‘Gratitude is the choice to see the love of God in all things. No being can be miserable who chooses this.’
  20. ‘Each person who walks the earth reaps the results of the thoughts he has sown. And if he would change the nature of next year’s harvest, he must change the thoughts he is thinking now.’
  21. ‘Where there is no resistance, there is no unhappiness.’
  22. ‘Know your needs, but allow them to be met as life knows how. Do not insist that your needs be met in a certain way. If you do, you will offer unnecessary resistance. The trunk of the tree snaps when it tries to stand against the wind.’
  23. ‘Miracles come spontaneously to the heart that has opened and the mind that has surrendered its need to control or to know.’
  24. ‘Remember this, dear friend. Right now, in this moment, you are either listening to the voice of God or you are endlessly enmeshed in your own psychodrama.’
  25. ‘As you learn to be open to the present moment, you will become increasingly aware of the Divine Presence in your mind and experience.’
  26. ‘We are the womb in which God’s spirit is carried, nurtured and brought forth.’
  27. ‘I do not ask you to meditate or pray for an hour a day, although there is nothing wrong with this. I simply ask you to remember your Divine essence for five minutes out of each hour, or for one thought out of every ten. Let your remembrance of God be continual so that you do not get absorbed in the soap opera of your life.’
  28. ‘The thought activity of the mind is fueled by looking outward and engaging in the affairs of the world.’
  29. ‘If you look honestly at your experience, you will see that you spend most of your time resisting or trying to avoid certain situations. Of Course, the more you try to avoid these situations, the more they come in your life. That is because you can’t learn anything through avoidance and trial.’
  30. ‘You see what you choose to see because all perception is a choice. And when you cease to impose your meanings on what you see, your spiritual eyes will open, and you will see a world free of judgment and shining in its endless beauty.’

I believe you enjoyed Paul Ferrini’s quotes. You are free to comment about the quote you liked the most.


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