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30 Things You Must Know By The Time You Turn 30



30 Things You Must Know By The Time You Turn 30
  1. Smoking marijuana everyday will waste your time. You will regret in the future when you quit and realize that being sober makes you creative and productive.
  2. The idea that weed is essential for spiritual development is a big lie.
  3. Weed makes you lazy in the long run by encouraging lazy habits
  4. Sexual intercourse with people vibrating at a low frequency is dangerous because you exchange your energies during sex.
  5. Occasional and heavy marijuana use leads to cognitive impairment by changing the brain’s structure.
  6. Dating someone you won’t marry is a waste of time, money, and energy.
  7. Anybody can be a skilled writer if they read and write every day.
  8. Writing is not a talent, it’s a skill that can be learned.
  9. 99% of celebrity beefs are fake. They mainly aim at attracting your attention.
  10. Celebrities are not members of the Illuminati. They are just agents.
  11. Your vulnerability to health complications will increase sharply in the next decade. Therefore, embrace exercise and healthy eating
  12. Drinking every weekend is wasting your money.
  13. You will never invent anything if you drink every weekend or smoke weed daily.
  14. Regret is the most painful emotion because you can’t go back in time.
  15. Semen retention won’t make you successful if you don’t work hard
  16. Quitting drugs will make lots of free time available for important factors such as family, weight lifting, and working on your dreams.
  17. Your real friends are the ones who will tell you the truth
  18. If someone tells you the truth, he or she really loves you and wants the best for you.
  19. There is no way you can smoke weed daily and be your best self.
  20. You’ll never find inner peace if you can’t love unconditionally
  21. Drug addiction and alcoholism cause premature aging.
  22. If you are surrounded by people who genuinely love you, you will not be obsessed with chasing after status or fame.
  23. A strong desire for fame mostly arises from low self-esteem issues.
  24. The key to overcoming boredom is taking full responsibility for having caused it.
  25. Drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana weakens your auric boundaries, making you vulnerable to spirit possession.
  26. Sex is a great source of pleasure that quickly transforms you into a slave
  27. Losing friends is normal and beneficial to personal growth
  28. Growth is a lonely enterprise
  29. Too much sex increases the risk of mental health problems.
  30. Your body exists in the physical dimension while you exist in the spiritual dimension.

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