31 eye-opening jeff bezos quotes

31 Eye-Opening Jeff Bezos Quotes

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Jeff Bezos, born in 1964, is the richest man in the world. He’s net worth is currently estimated at $182 billion.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon: the largest online sales company. He also owns Blue Origin, an aerospace firm, and in 2013 he bought the Washington Post, an American daily newspaper.

The Washington Post’s traffic increased as its digital subscriptions exceeded 1 million after Jeff Bezos bought it.

I believe it takes virtues such as hard work, commitment, faith, believing in the extraordinary, and focusing on one’s dreams to be financially successful. I love listening to Jeff Bezos’ speeches or talks to learn about the virtues that made him successful.

I usually note down his quotes while listening to his talks.

Here are some of them.

  1. ‘You can’t skip steps. You have to put one foot in front of the other. Things take time. There are no short cuts.’
  2. ‘We know from our past experiences that big things start small.’
  3. ‘If you don’t love your work, you’re never going to be great at it.’
  4. ‘Every job comes with pieces you don’t like.’
  5. ‘When you are criticized, first look into the mirror, and decide whether your critics are right. If they are right, change.’
  6. ‘One of my jobs as the leader of Amazon is to encourage people to be bold.’
  7. ‘There are a lot of paths to satisfaction and you need to find what works for you.’
  8. ‘No matter how good we are. We can always be better.’
  9. ‘Every important thing we have done has been misunderstood.’
  10. ‘I would recommend people to always take a long-term point of view.’
  11. ‘You can choose a life of ease and comfort or you can choose a life of service and adventure. Which one of those will you be proud of when you are 90 years old.’
  12. ‘In the end, we are our choices.’
  13. ‘In most cases, our biggest regrets turn out to be acts of omission.
  14. ‘Do something you are very passionate about.’
  15. ‘Stress primarily comes from not taking action over something that you can have some control over.’
  16. ‘I always tell people who want to be entrepreneurs that they need a combination of stubborn relentlessness and flexibility. And you have to know when to be which.
  17. ‘You could have a job or you can have a career or you can have a calling. The best thing is to have a calling.’
  18. ‘You don’t choose your passion, your passion chooses you.’
  19. ‘If you are going to do anything new or innovative you have to be willing to be misunderstood.’
  20. ‘I have made billions of dollars of failures at Amazon.com.’
  21. ‘If you find your passion, all your work won’t feel like work to you.’
  22. ‘It’s easy to have ideas. Its very hard to turn an idea into a successful product.’
  23. ‘A few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work.’
  24. ‘Reputations are hard-earned and easily lost.’
  25. ‘I suspected I would always be haunted by the decision to not try at all.’
  26. ‘Don’t try to chase the hot passion of the day.’
  27. I’ve seen small things get big.’
  28. ‘When you are trying to invent something completely new and building a lasting company its meant to be hard.’
  29. ‘If the size of your failures isn’t growing, you’re not going to be inventing at a size that can actually move the needle.’
  30. ‘I took the less safe path to follow my passion, and I’m proud of that choice.’
  31. ‘People who love all fields of knowledge are the ones who can best spot the patterns that exist across nature.’

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