4 Main Challenges Dream Chasers Face

Last Updated on September 13, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

It recently dawned on me that the few individuals who have the courage to chase their dreams often give up because of the challenges they face on the journey.

As a dream chaser, I have faced huge obstacles that made me realize how easy it is to give up on dream chasing. These hurdles made me realize that people who dreamt big and now live their dreams truly deserve them because they overcame the following TOP 4 CHALLENGES DREAM CHASERS face.

  1. Things Not Going As Expected

One major challenge I realized dream chasers face, is that things seldom go as expected. When they start chasing their dreams, dream chasers believe everything will go as planned. However, during the journey, they realize that almost nothing goes according to their plans. Unexpected obstacles pop-up and their dreams take long to come true.

  1. The Lack of Money

Almost every dream requires capital to come to true but not every dreamer has the capital required to actualize their dream. For this reason, many dreamers continuously borrow money from family and friends and do odd jobs to fund their dreams.

  1. The Need to Let Go Of Anyone That Doesn’t Support Their Dreams

When they start chasing their dreams, many individuals often realize that they have to keep their distance from people who don’t believe in achieving dreams.

For me, I had to avoid the people – including friends and relatives – who don’t believe in my dreams because they infect me with negative energy and doubts that demotivate me.

Avoiding close friends and relatives for the sake of my dreams was challenging: I felt bad when I took this approach. It then dawned on me that it’s the right thing to do because I am living my life, not theirs.

  1. Time

Many dreams/projects require a lot of time but they often take long before becoming profitable. Sometimes dreamers have to work for someone for them to pay their bills, resulting in the lack of adequate time to work on their dreams. 

Some dreamers end up ignoring family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle so that they have ample time to work on their projects.

Concluding Remarks

If you are planning to chase your dreams, be mentally prepared for these challenges.

Know that dreams don’t come true easily, and those who achieve them deserve them because they transcended the above obstacles.  The motivating factor is that these individuals are normal individuals like you and me, and IF THEY DID IT, WE CAN ALSO DO IT.


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