4 Sad Reasons Why Life is Tough For Most People

Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

Today, life is tough for almost everyone, and for this reason, many people are depressed. Recently, the World Health Organization revealed that suicide rates caused by depression have increased by 60 percent since the 1950s. Besides this, physicians claim that depression will be the most widespread mental illness in the next two years.

Anyway, people all over the world are complaining about life’s toughness, and almost everyone doubts if life is really a blessing. However, if you take a closer look at life, you’ll realize that it’s absurd to conclude that life is hard because some people are living a peaceful and easy life.

I believe most people are responsible for making their lives tough. For instance, a young man who struggles to make ends meet because he started a family before he became financially stable is responsible for toughening his life.

Like this young man, most of us are responsible for making our lives tough, and we conclude that life is tough.

In today’s article, I will share with you four reasons why life is tough for most people.

  1. Many People are doing what they hate

Life is tough for many people because they work in jobs they hate. They hate their bosses and their workplaces, but they continue working because they believe that’s the only way to survive.

There’s no way life can be easy for you if you do what you hate 24/7 because you’ll always force yourself to work.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have to work in boring jobs all our lives for us to have what we want. This is why many people do what they hate and end up making their lives hard.

People who do what they love don’t necessarily find life easy but their lives are meaningful because they wake up eager to work.

  1. People Are Living Beyond Their Means

Today, many people are living beyond their means because they want to appear successful. This behavior makes their lives tough because it leads to debt.

You’ll never enjoy life if you live beyond your means because deep inside, you’ll always know that you are living a lie. You’ll also find life difficult because you’ll live from paycheck to paycheck and you’ll lack savings.

  1. We don’t care about each other

Life is tough for many people because we rarely help each other. In ancient Africa, people found life easier because we were so kind to each other: we left food and water at our doorsteps for the needy.

Modern society is egocentric. We care less about each other, and we don’t help those going through hard times, making their life tough. We adhere to stupid notions like, ‘Every man for himself and God for us all,’ because we have become an individualistic society.

I believe life would have been easier if we all loved and helped each other. We could have created heaven on earth if everybody was kind and generous.

  1. People Are Stuck in Unhappy Marriages

Life is extremely tough for those who can’t leave unhappy marriages. These people know they’ll be happier if they leave their marriages, but they can’t do so because they fear the consequences of divorce.

Life is obviously tough for these guys because they are forced to live with people they hate.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. You did it boldly. There well may be many reasons why life is hard but the 4 pretty much sum up most of them. I believe in good mindset conditioning. If people became more creative and really began doing what they love, things will change for the better.

    • thanks steve. and it’s true life would be meaningful to us if we could constantly express our creativity through doing what we love instead of reporting to boring jobs for the sake of money