45 Ways to Attain Inner Peace

45 Ways to Attain Inner Peace

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Inner peace is mainly defined as being in a calm state of mind regardless of your life circumstances. Many spiritual people search for the most reliable ways to attain inner peace because they believe inner peace makes it easier for them to hear the intuitive voice or the voice of Infinite Intelligence/God. Besides spiritual people, artists and entrepreneurs are also searching for ways to attain inner peace after realizing that a calm mind boosts creativity.

After meditating on inner peace and reading several occult books, I found the following ways to attain inner peace.

  1. Avoid competing with your neighbors, friends and relatives.
  2. Avoid engaging in romantic relationships in which you or your partner is not in love.
  3. Trust the Creator
  4. Stop obsessing over your material stuff.
  5. Pray at all times.
  6. Accept that, sometimes, your expectations may fail to match your reality.
  7. Realize that, after all, nothing will matter because you and everyone else will die.
  8. Send positive thoughts to every person you meet or interact with.
  9. Love and respect everyone.
  10. Avoid engaging in meaningless arguments.
  11. Limit social media use.
  12. Take a walk in nature.
  13. Don’t judge your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.
  14. Don’t relate happiness to what you have.
  15. Don’t care what other people say or think about you.
  16. Write down your thoughts and feelings when stressed.
  17. Realize that you’ll get through every difficulty as you got through your past difficulties.
  18. Surrender to life by practicing to accept whatever happens.
  19. Forgive yourself and everyone that hurt you.
  20. Stop attaching emotions to negative thoughts.
  21. Stop judging people.
  22. Stop expecting people to act the way you want.
  23. Stop associating with people who don’t believe in you.
  24. Stop watching the News.
  25. Stop ruminating about the past.
  26. Stop wanting every single thing to happen the way you want.
  27. Stop expecting to be happy all the time.
  28. Stop pursuing perfection.
  29. Realize that life is not an emergency.
  30. Run away from negative people.
  31. Believe in your ability to overcome hardships.
  32. Love thyself.
  33. Invoke the spirit/angel of peace everyday.
  34. See the Supreme Intelligence/God in everything.
  35. Focus on the things you can control.
  36. While worrying, realize that your worry is founded on your assumptions about the future.
  37. Be thankful for everything.
  38. Accept that life is uncertain.
  39. Practice rituals that release the negative energies within you.
  40. Focus on the positive aspects of your spouse, children, relatives, friends, and everybody else.
  41. Realize that you are not the only one with problems because everyone has his or her own version of problems.
  42. Constantly remind yourself that you are a Child of the Creator.
  43. Stop thinking about yourself and focus on how you can help others.
  44. Make peace with pain/suffering/hardships by accepting that they are part of life.
  45. Open your heart to the present moment.

Besides the above ways, what do you think are best ways to attain inner peace?

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