5 Awesome Business Lessons from Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Last Updated on September 3, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

If you are a blogger, businessman, or inventor who wants your product or idea to reach many people, you must read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable. In the book, Seth Godin discusses why it is difficult for entrepreneurs to promote their products today.

He identifies the marketing strategies that don’t work and argues that the best way to attract people’s attention is to create a remarkable product. Seth Godin shares real-life examples to support his argument. The book is interesting: it will encourage you to change your marketing strategy and focus on creating an amazing product/service.

Here are 5 major lessons I learned from the book.

  1. Today, It’s Difficult to Get A Market Share for Your Product

Unlike the 20th century, today, it’s difficult for people to like your product or service because there are too many businesses. Besides, people seldom share information about a new product with friends unless they believe their friends will like the information. It is also difficult to get a market share for your product or service because many people ignore marketing messages.

  1. A Product for Everybody is a Product for Nobody

Never design a product that attempts to fulfill the expectations of the whole market. Instead, make a product for a specific niche because it’s easy to make a few people so interested in your product that they start talking about it.

  1. Never Avoid Creating a Product that Will Face Criticism

Seth Godin argues that products or services that stand out usually face criticism. Those that never face criticism are boring: for this reason, they never attract customers. Therefore, we should not avoid creating products that will attract criticism.

  1. Most Successful Entrepreneurs Often Care About their Products

It is easier for your business to be successful if you sell products you really love because loving a product enables you to know how to make it extremely remarkable. For instance, Starbucks is successful because Howard Schultz loves coffee and knows the type of coffee that many people love.

  1. Focus on Your Most Profitable Customers

While marketing, always focus on your most profitable customers. You must never create ads that focus on the masses because they will never spread the word about your product. Ignore the masses and focus your marketing effort on your most loyal customers because they care about your product. Besides, they will always talk about it, ensuring that many people know it.

Which of the above Seth Godin’s teachings do you agree or disagree with? Feel free to state your opinion in the comment box below.

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