5 Great Benefits of Spending More Time Alone

Last Updated on December 17, 2019 by The Unbounded Thinker

I used to be an individual who loved spending time with people. However, I started spending more time alone after deciding to carve my own path in October 2017. Since then, I realized the following benefits of solitude.

1.You Do More Useful Things

Spending more time alone enabled me to find time to work towards my goals. In 2018, I managed to write articles all year, write a book, and make money because of solitude.

Before embracing solitude, I was unable to do useful things because I was always with my friends, and we liked spending our time arguing, joking, drinking, and smoking pot. We wasted lots of valuable time that we could have used to do something useful.

2.You Stop Being Concerned About Other People’s Affairs

I realized that spending more time alone enabled me to stop being concerned about other people’s affairs. I had no one to tell me about John’s alcoholic monkey, Jerry’s cool rat, and Tom’s fucked up cat.

It dawned on me that the more I spent time with people, the more I wanted to know and think about their affairs. And the more I thought about their affairs, the more I wasted time comparing my life with theirs. Solitude thus allowed me to only think and care about me.

3.You Save More Money

Spending more time alone enabled me to save money because I lacked the company that encouraged me to spend money on the latest products. I also saved more because I stopped spending on people to make them love me.

4.You Engage in Deep Thinking

Being alone allowed me to engage in deep thinking during my free time. Deep thinking enabled me to discover many pearls of wisdom that I’ve shared in my blog posts and book. Earlier, it was almost impossible for me to engage in deep thinking during my free time because I spent it socializing.

5.You Know Thyself

Spending more time alone enabled me to face myself. With no one to occupy my energy and attention, I started thinking about my weaknesses, strengths, and passions. I discovered that my major weakness is the fear of rejection, and my major strength is strong will power. I also realized that I loved reading, researching, and watching wildlife documentaries. It was hard for me to discover such things before embracing solitude.


These are the five major benefits of solitude that encourage me to spend more time alone. You can try spending more time alone and you’ll experience them personally. Anyway, I believe there are many more benefits of solitude that many bloggers have written about. You are free to add them in the comment box below.

Love Ya. Thanks for reading.

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