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5 Important Facts About Intuition You Must Know Right Now ( Intuition Part 3)



Intuition or direct knowing, is present in all of us because we are all connected to Infinite Intelligence. I’m fascinated with intuition because it’s responsible for the world’s greatest discoveries. Besides this, it guides people and helps them align with their life purpose.

My interest in intuition has enabled me to realize the following significant facts about it which I’m so happy to share with you.

1.You Can Tell the Difference Between the Ego Voice and Intuitive Voice

The ego voice is always concerned with the past and makes decisions based on fear. It often makes you anxious and insecure because it’s always worried that something terrible might happen. Furthermore, it advises you to go after material things and makes you fall out of alignment with your life purpose.

On the other hand, your intuitive voice usually advises you to follow your life purpose and leads you to experiences that awaken your spirit-self. It’s an uplifting voice that loves assuring you that everything will be okay.

2. Spending Time in Nature Awakens Your Intuition

Nature provides a calming experience because it relaxes the mind. A relaxed mind fosters intuition as it enables us to hear the intuitive voice

3.The World’s Major Religions Believe in Intuition

Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims believe in Intuition.

Christians and Muslims believe intuition is a gift from God. However, Christians believe the Holy Spirit enhances intuition while Muslims believe a pure heart strengthens the intuition.

Buddhists think intuition is part of faith, and spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness awaken it.

4.Most Experts Rely on Intuition

Most entrepreneurs rely on intuition when making quick decisions. Intuition also helps them pinpoint the correct information from large amounts of data.

Studies show that only the intuition of experienced entrepreneurs is right because these folks have been exposed to information, related to their fields of study, for a long period.

5.There Are Several Ways to Awaken Your Intuition

Most spiritual teachers believe meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and prayer awaken your intuitive powers. Some believe that trusting life or aligning with its flow awakens your intuition.


My interest in the topic of intuition has enlightened me about the above facts. For this reason, I will continue studying intuition and thinking about to discover more enlightening facts about this inner voice.

Thanks For Reading. Love Ya. SEE YOU AT THE TOP

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