6 Popular Lies We’ve Believed Our Whole Lives

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Most of us believe the lies we’ve been told by the media and society because we never assess the validity of the information we receive. For this reason, we’ve let lies govern our lives.

Here are some of the main lies we’ve believed since we were young.

1.Suffering is Normal

Religion and the media have made us believe that we were born to suffer. Thus, we believe suffering is a normal occurrence, and we avoid trying to free ourselves from it.

However, suffering is abnormal. It occurs when people fall out of alignment with Infinite Intelligence/God by embracing negative qualities such as laziness, ignorance, doubt, pessimism, greed, selfishness, self-centeredness, and so on. Suffering will stop existing if we all get into alignment with Infinite Intelligence by embracing virtue.

2.Religions Teach Different Things

Religions have disunited the modern society because people think they teach different things. People are too dumb to realize that all religions teach the same things. All religions lay emphasis on virtue and teach about a place/state of no-suffering. The only difference between religions is that they teach the same things in different ways.

3.Financial Success is the Ultimate Goal of Life

Financial success is important because it improves our comfort levels and allows us to help others. However, it’s not the ultimate goal of life. The ultimate goal of life is to understand how Infinite Intelligence works so that we can fall into alignment with its qualities.

4.Marijuana is a Bad Drug

Marijuana was important to many ancient societies as they used it for medicinal and religious purposes. Some societies used it to make paper. Today, physicians use it to treat mental conditions, and many people use it for mental relaxation. This drug is only bad when over-consumed.

5.The Government is Dedicated to Serving Us

Most of us still believe the government is highly interested in serving our needs. We participate in voting because we believe the leaders we choose will serve our interests.  Little do we know that these people are only interested in serving their interests.

6.Ancient Man was Dumb

The media and school made us believe that we are the most intelligent humans that ever lived. For this reason, we are unaware that ancient folks were so intelligent that they understood the importance of the natural environment and invented technologies that modern man can’t. We don’t know that ancient men understood the medicinal, nutritional, and spiritual value of all plants although they never attended school.

N/B – Read Llailla Africa’s book, ‘Africa’s Holistic Health’ for more about the ancients’ knowledge of the medicinal, nutritional, and spiritual value of all plants.

Concluding Remarks

Never believe in any idea without analyzing its validity.  By doing this, you’ll never suffer because your thoughts and actions will be guided by the TRUTH, and The Truth Shall Set You Free

Anyway, besides the above lies, there are many lies we’ve believed, allowing them to guide our thoughts and actions. You are free to mention them in the comment box below.

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