7 Great Lessons From Byways to Blessedness By James Allen

7 Great Lessons From Byways to Blessedness By James Allen

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Although Byways to Blessedness was written in 1904, the book is still useful today. In the book, James Allen shares advice that helps readers live a wonderful life. He enlightens readers on the importance of sufferring and urges them to find happiness by avoiding negative states of mind.

There are many lessons James Allen shares in the book, but here are the lessons I loved the most.

  1. How You Begin Your Day Matters

How you begin your day matters because it determines how your day will be. Your day will be filled with joy if you begin it wisely and joyfully, and you might have a bad day if you start it with a poor attitude.

  1. How to be Great

If you want to be great, you must sacrifice pride because it prevents you from doing the things that will make you great. You must also focus on one thing and stop caring about the outcome.

  1. The True Nature of Difficulty

According to James Allen, difficulty exists in the mind, and that’s why a difficult experience for a child might be easy for an adult.

He also teaches that difficulty fosters growth and development because it forces us to exercise our intelligence and awaken our hidden powers.

  1. The Negative Effects of Resentfulness

Resentfulness causes suffering because it prevents you from attaining true enlightenment: it hardens your heart and prevents you from receiving the blessings meant for you.

Furthermore, it leads to suffering because it results in a troubled mind and makes you remember the bad things some people did to you.

  1. See No Evil And You’ll Free Yourself From Suffering and Sorrow

According to James Allen, you free yourself from suffering and sorrow when you stop judging people from your viewpoint of what’s right and wrong, and when you realize that people have their personal viewpoints which make them do certain things.

  1. The Secret to Joy

James Allen believes it’s possible to find abiding joy while here on earth because you are responsible for creating joy in your life. He believes you can find joy by embracing selflessness and unconditional love.

  1. The Importance of Solitude

Solitude is necessary for your spiritual life as sleep is necessary for your body. Solitude is so important that lacking it can result in a spiritual break down. It enables you to find the strength, wisdom, and knowledge needed to overcome life’s hardships. It also helps you discover your true self and the hidden powers within.

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