7 Important Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn’s Book: The Seasons of Life

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Jim Rohn’s book, The Seasons of Life, is a marvelous book for individuals going through difficulties. The book enlightens readers that seasons often change, therefore, difficult times won’t last forever.

In the book, Jim Rohn reminds us that life happens in seasons, and there is a way to utilize every season effectively.

I read the book and I loved it because, besides learning about the seasons of life, I learned various valuable lessons that I would like to share with you.

Here are they: –

  1. Avoid Negative People

Negative people are poison. They can weaken your faith in your dreams by instilling negative opinions in your mind and reminding you of your old fears.

Avoid negative people at all costs. It doesn’t matter if they are your friends, relatives, or business associates. Just avoid them, or they will kill your dreams.

  1. God Did Not Bring Us Here to Live in Poverty

The power that gave us life does not want us to fail or dwell in poverty. This power blessed us with everything we need for progress because it wants us to thrive. It blessed us with imagination, ideas, inspiration, and an undeveloped intellectual capacity. Never settle for less, always do your best and expect the best.

  1. Your Attitude Determines Who You Are.

Your attitude determines your character because it has a great influence on your faith, self-confidence, and zeal. For this reason, you must have a positive attitude towards everything.

  1. Each Day Gives You A Chance to Create a Better Future

The thoughts, effort, actions, and dreams we have today shape tomorrow. Failure to exploit the opportunity this day offers ensures that we delay a better future.  Don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today, and don’t use today to think about the past. Use today to build a better tomorrow.

  1. You Can Change Your Circumstances

You can alter your circumstances if you change your thoughts, beliefs, attitude, residence, occupation, and friends.  Your life will also change if you read self-development books in your free time and pursue your life’s purpose.

  1. Think About What Will Happen If You Don’t Work Hard

To make yourself work harder, you must take time and visualize what will happen if you don’t work hard. Visualize your children or loved ones not enjoying their lives just because you never worked hard. Think about the banks coming after you because you didn’t pay off your debts.

      7.Things to do When Facing Hardships

    • Be thankful for your difficulties because they are blessings in disguise.
    • Create unique plans for helping the less fortunate.
    • Discover who you are, and what you came here to do.
    • Develop your people’s skills.
    • Learn to master your emotions.
    • Develop the skills that will make your dreams come true.
    • Develop spiritual values.
    • Read inspiring books.

Hope you loved the above lessons. Which lesson did you love the most?

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