7 Superb Teachings From CREATIVE MIND, by Ernest Holmes

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Creative Mind, by Ernest Holmes, teaches that our thoughts are creative forces we can use to create the life we want. The book advises us to only think about what we want because negative thinking attracts an unwanted life.

The book has enlightening lessons which make you realize that you are the Creator of your life. I gathered the following remarkable teachings from the book.

  1. Man and God are One

Man and God are one because they are both life, and nothing can separate life from life. Man and God are also one since man is made out of God and nothing can separate man from God because there is nothing but God.

‘My father and I are one.’ – Jesus Christ

  1. Man and God have a similar creative process

Both God and man use their thoughts to create things. As God creates the things we can see from things we can’t see, we also make visible things from unseen thought forces.

  1. We must only think about what we wish to experience

We attract in life what we mainly think about. For this reason, we must only think about what we want because thinking about what we don’t want will attract what we don’t want.

  1. If you want money you must develop a positive money-consciousness

Believe and feel that the Universe is bringing you the amount of money you need. Know that you have the amount of money you desire, and be thankful for it. Never think about the lack of money: instead, believe that you have more than enough money.

‘See money coming from all directions.’ – Ernest Holmes

  1. Work

We must work if we want to fall in alignment with our desires. And when we work, we must never work with doubt or fear. Instead, we must work believing that we are working with an Infinite Power that never fails.

  1. Think positively about God

Think positively about God. Realize that God is good, and he only wants good things to happen to you. You must thank him for his goodness, and know that you already have what you want.

You will be led out of your hardships if you have a constant positive attitude towards God.

  1. How To Develop Your Intuition

Find a place where you can sit in silence and think that The Creator is guiding you. Then imagine The Creator’s thought penetrating your mind so that it guides you. Trust the first idea that comes to your mind.

I believe you found these teachings helpful. You are welcome to ask anything about them or reveal the teaching you loved the most in the comment box below.

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