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8 Cool Lessons from You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero



In her book, ‘You Are a Badass,’ Jen Sincero provides wonderful guidelines on how to approach life. She reveals the importance of connecting with a Higher Power/God/Source Energy, and she also enlightens readers about the importance of living in the moment and trusting their intuition.

The book is for all dreamers because it encourages readers to take the leap and do whatever they want to do. On Monday’s post, I shared 24 Badass Quotes From the Book. Today I will share 8 cool lessons I learned from it.

  1. Analyze the Less-impressive Sections of Your Life and Try to Pinpoint the Beliefs that Created Them.

Our beliefs shape our lives. Therefore, if you want to know why you are failing in certain areas of your life, you must pinpoint the beliefs responsible for the failures. For example, you might be performing poorly in all your romantic relationships because you believe that romantic associations are full of shit.  Also, you might constantly find yourself lacking money because you believe that you were not meant to be rich.

  1. There is a Higher Power/God, and You Can Call it The Way You Want

In the book, Jen Sincero writes that she used to think that believing in the existence of a Higher Power is silly. However, she realized that awesome shit started happening in her life when she gave the Power a try. It also dawned on her that it doesn’t matter how you call this power. What matters most is your relationship with it.

  1. Why You Must Live in the Present Moment

You must practice living in the present moment because, according to Jen Sincero, living in the present unites you with Vortex/God hence raising your frequency. A higher frequency enables you to attract higher-frequency experiences such as abundance, joy, laughter, and bliss.

  1. You Have a Shadow Self and a True Self

Your shadow self, the Ego, is guided by your limiting beliefs, and it either lives in the past or future. Besides this, it fails to realize that you are connected to your surroundings, and it loves praise and validation.

Conversely, your true self is always in alignment with God/Spirit, and it often strives to attract a reality that matches your true potential.

  1. Trust Your Intuition

Always trust your intuition because your intuition is your inner guidance that has all the answers you need. Stop taking people’s advice and rely on your intuition when making decisions or taking action.

  1. Why You Must Meditate

Meditation enables you to fall in alignment with Source Energy/Universal Energy. This alignment strengthens your intuition, relaxes you, puts you in a good mood, raises your frequency, and brings you in the present moment.

  1. The Importance of Gratitude

According to Jen Sincero, you must practice gratitude because it moves you nearer to the Source Energy/God and makes it easy for you to manifest the things you want. Besides this, you must practice gratitude because when in gratitude, you release positive energy which comes back to you.

  1. How to Practice Gratitude

The best way to be thankful for everything is to practice seeing the positive side of everything that happens. Always find reasons to make every occurrence a good one. For example, if you lose your job don’t focus on how life might be hard without a salary. Instead, realize that being jobless will allow you to go after what you truly want in life.


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Book Review

5 Awesome Business Lessons from Purple Cow by Seth Godin



If you are a blogger, businessman, or inventor who wants your product or idea to reach many people, you must read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable. In the book, Seth Godin talks about how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to make their products known in today’s market because of the availability of too many products.

He identifies the marketing strategies that don’t work, and he reveals that the best way to attract people’s attention is to create a remarkable product. Seth Godin provides real-life examples to support his points. The book is interesting, and it will make you change your marketing strategy and focus on creating an amazing product/service.

Here are 5 major lessons I learned from the book.

  1. Today, It’s Difficult to Get A Market Share for Your Product

Unlike the 20th century, today, it’s difficult for people to like your product or service because there are too many businesses out there. Furthermore, people today never tell their friends about a new product unless they believe that their friends will be glad to hear about it. Lastly, it’s difficult to get a market share for your product or service because many folks ignore marketing messages.

  1. A Product for Everybody is a Product for Nobody

Never design a product that attempts to fulfill the expectations of the whole market. Instead, make a product for a specific niche because it’s easy to make a few people so interested in your product that they start talking about it, hence making the whole market aware of your product/service.

  1. Never Avoid Creating a Product that Will Face Criticism

Seth Godin believes that products or services that stand out usually face criticism. Those that never face criticism are safe and boring, and for this reason, they never attract customers. Therefore, don’t avoid introducing your idea to the world because it will face criticism since the best way to be incredible is to set yourself for severe criticism.

  1. Most Successful Entrepreneurs Often Care About their Products

It is easier for your business to be successful if you sell products you really love because loving a product makes you know how to make it extremely remarkable. For instance, Starbucks is successful because Howard Schultz, the Company’s CEO loves coffee, and for this reason, he knows the type of coffee that people love.

  1. Focus on Your Most Profitable Customers

 While marketing, always focus on your most profitable customers. You must never create ads that focus on the masses because they will never spread the word about your product. Ignore the masses and focus all your marketing efforts on your most loyal consumers because they care about your product, and for this reason, they will always talk about it hence making other people know about it.

Which of the above Seth Godin’s teachings do you agree or disagree with? Feel free to state your opinion in the comment box below.

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Book Review

9 Fucking Lessons from The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson



Despite its title, Mark Manson’s book offers wonderful teachings that will make you re-examine your values, and start focusing on what truly matters. The book makes you realize the stupid and superficial values that have been guiding your life. Besides this, the book teaches the importance of embracing pain, failure, and all negative emotions you might experience.

A few months ago, I shared My top 13 favorite quotes from the book. Today, I will share with you 9 lessons I learned from this amazing book.

  1. Giving too Many Fucks, Fucks Up Your Life

Most of us give too many fucks: we care about some celebrity’s new car, our ex-boyfriend’s cute girl, having the latest footwear and many more trivial things. Little do we know that giving too many fucks has a detrimental effect on our mental health as it makes us focus on having unrealistic and fake things that we might never get, hence leading to depression and a low self-esteem.

  1. Choose the Things to Give a Fuck About

Human beings are wired to care about many things. However, if we want to progress, we must choose to only care about things that add value to our lives, and not give a fuck about useless things such as posting a perfect selfie on Facebook or having the best swag in town.

  1. Life is Fucking Full of Problems

Never expect to live a life of everlasting happiness because problems will never end. For example, if you are poor, you will have money problems, and if you become rich, you will experience money management problems. Problems never end, they just transform. Therefore, instead of wishing you never had problems, wish you had good problems.

  1. You Can Only Be Great by Realizing That You are Fucking Average

All folks who become great at anything do so because they know they are average, and for this reason, they continuously work on improvement. Their obsession with improvement then results in them becoming exceptional in whatever they do.

  1. Three Fucking Layers of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of the factors that create your personality, and it is critical to your success. According to Mark Manson, self-awareness is like an onion with the following three layers that you must peel.

  • Have a simple understanding of your emotions– Know what makes you feel happy or sad, and what discourages or encourages you.
  • Understand the root causes of your emotions. – Deeply analyze the main causes of your current feelings and emotions.
  • Understand your personal values – Check how you measure success or people’s self-worth.
  1. Let Go Your Fucking Idea of Who the Fuck You Are

You must let go the beliefs regarding your personality because when you don’t care about who you are, you will have the courage to face failure and grow. For instance, an entrepreneur who lets go the idea that he is an excellent businessman will not fear trying out other businesses and failing.

The ideas we have about ourselves often prevent us from doing what we are supposed to do for us to live the life of our dreams. Therefore, we must let go of them.

  1. You are Fucked If You Wait for Motivation Before You Take Action

You might never take action if you need motivation to take action because motivation occurs as a result of action. Action motivates you to take more action because it breeds progress. Therefore, always take action even when you feel uninspired and never wait for something to motivate you before you take action.

To support this point, Mark Manson narrates about a novelist who managed to write 72 novels, not because he was inspired but because he forced himself to write every day.

  1. Travel is Fucking Fantastic

Travel helps you realize that your cultural values are not necessarily the only guidelines on how to live because it exposes you to people who have different values but still live a good life. It, therefore, makes you re-examine your values, and create good values to which you can live by.

  1. You Will Fucking Die One Day

‘Death is the only thing we know with certainty.’ – Mark Manson

Despite the fact that we always avoid thinking about death, we must always remind ourselves that death is around the corner so that we stop chasing superficial and stupid things the system has designed for us. Being aware that we are heading towards death also makes us appreciate life and ask ourselves how people will benefit from our short presence on this earth.


Which fucking lesson did love the most?

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