8 Major Reasons Why Ego is the Enemy

8 Major Reasons Why Ego is the Enemy

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Ego is an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Although it has enabled many individuals to succeed, its side effects have made it the main cause of failure, hatred, and conflict. Here, I’ll enlighten you about the disadvantages of the ego by sharing the eight major reasons why ego is the enemy.

1.The Ego is Competitive

The ego makes you competitive because it wants you to be better than everyone else. It wants to feel important because it hates equality. This competitive mindset induced by the ego makes you less creative and impatient. Besides, it makes it difficult for you to collaborate with people to achieve a common goal.

2.The Ego Prevents You From Focusing on the Process

It’s difficult to build your skills when you are egotistic because the ego focuses more on the end-goal than the process. It mostly cares about results, showing off, glory, and admiration, increasing your chances of failure.

3. The Ego Prevents You From Making Friends

The ego prevents you from making friends because it makes you arrogant and self-centered. Few people love arrogant and self-centered individuals because they are prone to envy and hate.

Furthermore, the ego prevents you from making friends because it loves dominating all conversations to prove that you know everything.

4. The Ego makes you Overestimate Your Abilities

The ego makes you believe you don’t need help, preventing you from working with others. It also makes you unwilling to learn from others because it believes you know everything. Moreover, it eliminates the desire to improve your skills because it makes you think you are too skilled for improvement.

5. The Ego Makes you Give up So Easily

The ego focuses on the outcome, and therefore, it makes you give up when you don’t get the desired outcome after a long period. It desires quick success, making it difficult for you to embrace patience when success seems far.

6. The Ego results in Poor Decision Making

The ego desires acknowledgment and acceptance. For this reason, it leads to decisions that align with the need for glory and fame.

As well, it prevents you from asking for advice when making important decisions because it makes you excessively arrogant.

7.The Ego Makes You Judgmental

The ego loves judging people so that it feels better than them. It makes you focus on finding faults with other people so that you feel superior to them.

Judging is bad because it disconnects you from love, preventing you from aligning with Infinite Intelligence, which is a loving power.

8.The Ego Leads to Envy

The ego makes you believe you are the only one who deserves progress leading to envy when you see other people making progress.

Read ‘Why Ego is the Main Source of Anger and Envy’ for more details on how the ego causes envy.


You must learn to control your ego because its negative effects can lead to unhappiness and prevent you from making progress.

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