8 Powerful Success Lessons We Can Learn from Billionaire Art Williams’ Speech: JUST DO IT

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Art Williams (Net Worth – $3. 5 Billion) is the founder of A. L. Williams & Associates.

In 1987, he gave a powerful speech about the primary elements of business success.

I always listen to the speech because it motivates me to take action and reminds me about the things I must do to ensure success. Below are 8 success lessons I learned from the speech

  1. It’s Impossible to Win in Business if You Don’t Possess Mental Toughness

Success in business requires positivity, the ability to focus, and self-confidence. People who lack these qualities seldom succeed in business because they give up.

  1. A College Degree in Business is Not Worth The Paper It’s Written On

According to Art Williams, a degree in business is unimportant as most business professors have no business experience because, as he puts it, “they deal with a bunch of theory.”

I support Art Williams because I have a business degree and I’ve never seen its importance in the business world. The business world needs experience and not papers. No matter how many degrees you have, you need experience to succeed in business. For this reason, an individual without a business degree but has business experience is more likely to win in business than a person with 100 business degrees and zero business experience.

Furthermore, business degrees seldom lead to business success because they prepare students for employment.

  1. Artificial Things are not the Key to Winning in Business

Today, many people believe success in business requires artificial things such as a high I.Q, and a college degree. Little do they know that an individual’s inner qualities are the primary determinants of winning in business.

  1. To Succeed You Must Get Excited

According to Art Williams, only the people who get excited about the journey to success succeed. Excitement breeds patience and enthusiasm, making giving up impossible. It also makes you work hard because you become obsessed with whatever you are doing.

Excitement also leads to success because it attracts people who are willing to help you achieve your dreams.

  1. Become a Dreamer

Art Williams believes having a dream is the key to winning.

I also believe having a dream makes you win because a dream inspires you to work hard and achieve big things.

My dream inspires me to work really hard because I know that I will be the happiest person in the world if I live the life of my dreams. It makes me work even when I don’t feel like working and enables me to embrace obstacles knowing that they are necessary.

  1. Believe You Can

If you believe YOU CAN’T you will fail because the subconscious mind always attracts situations that match your thoughts. Besides, you’ll perceive obstacles as a sign of failure if you don’t believe in yourself.

  1. If You Want to Win You Will Be Controversial

If you want to win you will be controversial because you will have to do things that many people don’t. You will have to believe in achieving big things, and you will have to come up with unique products or services that people have never seen. For this reason, people will doubt your success.

  1. You Need a Firm Spiritual Life for you to Succeed in Business

Spiritual practices such as meditation can influence success in business because they clear the mind, leading to good decision making. Embracing a spiritual life also leads to inner peace that helps an individual succeed because a person with inner peace never worries when she meets obstacles on the journey to success.

You can check out my article, Does Spirituality Influence Financial Success for a detailed explanation of how spirituality influences financial success.

Hope the article helped. Thanks for reading.

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