A Poem about the Sun

Last Updated on July 13, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

The sun is mighty,

It shines brightly,

It does not judge,

It does not care whether you are good or bad,

Happy or sad,

It gives to all its light,

To see with their sense of sight,

My daughter and son,

Be like the sun,

Shine your light on everybody,

And never be selfish to anybody,

And no matter what someone does to you,

Ensure he receives light from you,

The sun is a miracle,

Mysterious to all, including the oracle,

It’s something,

That hangs on nothing,

It follows its course,

And never disobeys God’s laws,

The sun is alive,

In it, is the Creator of life,

When you wake up in the morning,

Even before yawning,

Look at the sun with awe,

Forget all your flaws,

And know that your divinity shines like the sun.

Receive its divine heat.

And realize that you are one with it.


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