action is bigger than prayer

Action Is Bigger Than Prayer

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Prayer is believed to be the communication between man and a Higher Power. Many people pray believing prayer improves lives; they believe prayer can help them become better people and make Infinite Intelligence/God give them whatever they want.

I believe in the existence of a Higher Power and I believe prayer works. However, I believe action is bigger than prayer because I realized that most people who get the things they want usually work hard. Conversely, those who pray but don’t take action seldom get what they want.

Athough prayer may not give you what you want, it has great psychological impacts.  Prayer can make you feel peaceful during difficult situations as it makes you trust that Infinite Intelligence is working on making your life better. It’s easier to stop being fearful and anxious when you pray and trust that Infinite Intelligence will solve all your problems.

Therefore, prayer can help you psychologically, but if you want something, you must realize that action is bigger than prayer and take action. If you want to build good relationships, you must sharpen your social skills. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks. And if you want to live your dreams, you must be willing to take action that moves you towards them. Prayer will not give you these things if you don’t take action.

Today, some people leave everything to God instead of taking action. I live near churches and I’ve seen people who pray 100 times a day but their lives never change because they are lazy and unaware that action is bigger than prayer.

People must know that the universe cares more about their actions than prayers: therefore, it will give them what they DESERVE.

Although prayer works, ACTION is more effective in helping you get what you want. I once read somewhere that prayer only brings what you want in the spiritual realm, and action brings it into the physical world. So, pray, but always remember that action is bigger than prayer,

‘When You Pray, Move Your Feet.’ – African Proverb

In my opinion, if we petition a power outside ourselves to make something happen, selfish or beneficial, then we are petitioning in vain. This is just wishing something would happen. When I was a child, that bike I prayed for never came; not until I worked hard for it did it finally appear.’ – Scott Osterhage, Prayer And Meditation

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