Are You Depressed? Here’s The Surest Way to Overcome Depression

Last Updated on June 26, 2021 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘Prayer is a weapon. Therapy is a strategy.’ – Anonymous

Depression is a mental health condition characterized by loss of interest in daily activities, insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, loss of energy, and sometimes, suicidal thoughts.

Today, many people are experiencing depression. According to statistics, over 260 million individuals across the globe are depressed.

The high levels of depression have occurred as a result of our increased attachment to material possessions, desire to predict the future accurately, and desire for perfection.

Many people are resorting to spirituality as a way of overcoming this mental health complication. However, some people become more depressed after realizing that being spiritual does not eradicate depression as fast as they expected. In other words, they notice that embracing prayer, meditation, yoga, and any other spiritual practice does not solve their mental health condition immediately.

My advice to these people is that it takes time for spiritual practices to eradicate mental complications because spirituality does not immediately result in everlasting happiness, peace, and joy as mainstream spiritual teachers claim. Just like anything worthwhile, spirituality takes time to produce the expected effects.

The good thing about embracing spirituality while experiencing depression is that it helps to eradicate some symptoms such as the need to commit suicide and the feeling of worthlessness since it leads to a positive perception towards life. Spirituality only eradicates all symptoms when you achieve a state of oneness with the Divine, which usually takes time for most people.

I believe we can quickly overcome depression when we embrace both spirituality and counselling services. The combination of these factors is the surest way to overcome depression because spirituality will lead to a positive attitude towards life while a counsellor will pinpoint the psychological root cause of your mental condition and encourage you to face and share your feelings. Primarily, a counsellor is important because he/she will give you a professional solution to your problems.

To conclude, if you are depressed, you can overcome some symptoms by deeply embracing spirituality, but realize that you also need to talk to someone, particularly an expert in psychological problems, for you to find a professional solution to your problem.

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