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Does Polytheism Make More Sense?



Monotheism is the belief in one God, while polytheism is the belief in many gods.

After studying ancient cultures for a while, I realized that most of them were polytheistic.  Most ancient African, European, American and Asian cultures believed in many gods. They believed in the gods of wisdom, gods of wealth, gods of nature, gods of warriors and so on. Ancient folks prayed to particular gods for particular things.  If an individual wanted wealth, he would pray to the god of wealth, and if another wanted luck, he would pray to the gods of luck and good fortune.

Besides this, some ancient cultures worshipped many gods but believed in a supreme God that dominated other gods. For example, the Greeks believed Zeus was the King of Gods, but they also worshipped the other gods.

Furthermore, while studying ancient cultures, it dawned on me that polytheism is older than monotheism. Sarah Johnson agrees with me for she wrote, “polytheism is always the older or ‘primary’ and monotheism the newer or secondary type of religion (Sarah Johnson, Ancient Religions).” It, therefore, appears that monotheists borrowed the concept of God from polytheists.

However, most people believe polytheism is a form of paganism. Little do they know that the concept of one god appeared after people unified polytheistic gods into one Supreme-being. Some scholars even argue that monotheism began when Akhenaten, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, forced Egyptians to practice monotheism. 

I’m sometimes tempted to believe polytheism makes more logical sense than monotheism. Sometimes I wonder if God can hear all our prayers, answer them, and guide all of us at the same time. Maybe it’s true, as polytheists believe, that God rules over other gods that assist him in guiding us, and listening to our prayers. It also makes sense that if one wants wisdom and wealth, she should pray to the god of wisdom and wealth, instead of praying to the King of Gods/God.

Perhaps God’s only duty is to provide life to the universe while other gods’ duties are to take care of us and guide us. Maybe we even have guardian gods that help us deal with life and fulfill our destinies.

Lastly, is it sensible to argue that all ancient cultures believed in many gods because they were primitive, or because it was logical to believe in many gods? Moreover, why did various ancient cultures which never met, coincidentally believe in many gods? Maybe it’s because these gods existed.

Anyway, the idea of many gods should be taken seriously because it might be the secret to freedom and understanding the higher realms. Maybe monotheism was created because it prevents people from realizing the true nature of the higher realms and it’s easier to control people who believe in one God.


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Why We Are Our Biggest Enemy



Most of us blame life for our misfortunes and frustrations. We think we are unhappy because life is not on our side. Little do we know that we are our biggest enemy because we are frustrated although life blessed us with wonderful things that ensure we live well.

For instance, life blessed us with imagination so that we become creative and use our creativity to improve our lives. However, we use imagination to visualize the worst possible outcome. Moreover, it gave us memory to remember and correct our past mistakes, but we use it to relive the bad things that happened in the past.

Besides this, life gave us an intuitive voice to guide us, but we let our egos direct us towards unfulfilling lives. It also provided us with the stars to please our eyes and beautiful views to relax the mind, but we find these wonders useless.

Additionally, life gave us a mind with powerful magnetic forces to help us attract what we mostly dwell on, but we dwell on negative thoughts and therefore, attract negative events in our lives. It also created many human beings so that we support and love each other, but we are selfish, and we wish bad things upon others. We then attract these terrible things because wishing bad things for others lowers our vibration.

Furthermore, life provides us with endless opportunities. It ensures that we get whatever we want so long as we are courageous and risk-taking. However, we are afraid to take risks, and we complain when we don’t move forward. It gave us talents that can employ us and make us reach our full potentials, but we choose to work in boring jobs that never lead to growth.

Life is good. It gave us amazing bodies to enable us to experience the physical world fully. But we hate our bodies because we compare them with unrealistic bodies the media shows us. We also destroy our bodies by eating unhealthy foods, and we blame God for giving us a bad body and making us prone to diseases.

Furthermore, life gave us a self-healing body that naturally gets rids of toxins, and medicinal plants that treat various diseases, but we invest in pharmaceutical drugs that only eliminate the symptoms of our illnesses. We complain when we can’t access health care yet there are many affordable traditional treatment methods that can completely eradicate our ailments.

We are never thankful to Infinite Intelligence for allowing us to experience life in a physical realm. Moreover, we don’t live fully by living moment by moment and trusting that everything will fall into place. Lastly, we never meditate on life and realize how life always ensures that we live well. For this reason, we are our biggest enemy.


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Four Fucking Reasons Why People Think Africans Are Dumb



I am an African from Kenya, and I’m proud to be African. However, sometimes I hate being African because most races think Africans are dumb. This perception about Africans really hurts me, and I often contemplate on why the world came to such conclusions about Africans.

While contemplating on the reasons why other races think the African race is dumb, I discovered four fuckin reasons why most races think so.

1.Many Africans Are Black but Believe in a White God

Many Africans (including me when I was young) believe in a White God. This aspect about Africans justifies other races for thinking we are dumb. Other races worship a God they believe possesses similar facial features as theirs. But Africans pray to a white God, and to make it worse, believe a Jewish Messiah (Jesus) is their fuckin savior. Anyone who notices this fact about Africans will undoubtedly think Africans are dumb as they were easily brainwashed to completely abandon their religious beliefs and adopt foreign beliefs.

Read – Why Black People Accept the Image of a White God

2.Africans Are Poor Despite Having Lots of Resources

Most African countries are blessed with lots of natural resources. Africa, in general, possesses around 30% of the world’s mineral resources. It even produces 30 % of the world’s gold. However, despite the large amount of natural resources in Africa, many Africans are poor. Other races thus believe Africans are dumb because they can’t use their natural resources to improve their economic conditions. These resources are mostly exploited by foreign countries that have little or no resources.

3.People Believe Africans Have Never Made Technological Innovations

Most races believe Africans are dumb because they’ve never made technological innovations. They think technological innovations are only made by Europeans, Asians, or Americans. Little do they know that South Africa has the world’s largest super radio telescope and that a Ugandan invented a biomedical jacket that diagnoses Pneumonia.

4.The Media

The media shapes our beliefs, and it has succeeded in making people believe Africans are dumb. It avoids showing the world the technological, political, and economic advancements that show the intelligent side of Africans.

For as Chibuike Oguh pointed it out, “The dominant representation of Africa in the Western media usually ignores the actualities and specificities of social and economic processes that occur in the continent. This representation also ignores the many political and economic success stories that have been taking place in the continent.”


Most Africans have abandoned their gods after embracing Christianity and Islam. Besides this, most of them live poor lives despite having natural resources. Moreover, Africa has made fewer technological innovations than most continents despite possessing resources that support innovation.

The above reasons make me avoid judging other races for thinking Africans are dumb. If you are an African reading this article, think about these reasons from the perspective of a White Man, and you’ll think Africans are dumb.

But Africans aren’t dumb. History shows that Africans were highly intelligent folks that built magnificent buildings. Moreover, some archeologists believe human technology began in Africa thousands of years ago. We only appear dumb because we were brainwashed to believe we are STUPID.


You are welcome to comment about the idea of Africa being dumb. I will not take your comments personally, and I will not consider them racist. I believe in a free world where we educate each other with an open-mind. Therefore, feel free to comment.

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