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Everything Happens for the Good



“Sometimes a disease is understood to be an energetic gift from the spirit realm, used to help an individual wake up and re-evaluate their current life situation.’ – Anonymous

Nothing is completely bad because everything happens for the good.

When you are bed-ridden, you learn to appreciate health. You notice the people who care about you and realize the uselessness of material things. You realize that the most valuable thing is health and vitality. When you get better, you become thankful for your health and being alive.

When you are broke, you learn to embrace humility, and you realize that you can survive with minimal possessions. You know who your real friends are, and you become creative because the lack of money forces you to think outside the box. You also realize that your poor money habits got you broke, and you try to embrace good financial habits.

When you lose your job, you have more time to sleep and rest. You can wake up late without worrying about some place you have to report to. You find more time to read and develop your spiritual self. You know your true friends, and you realize the importance of money. You then become thankful when you find a new job or a reliable source of income.

When you break up with your spouse, you learn to love yourself. You realize that you don’t need a romantic relationship for you to be happy. You stop worrying about your spouse’s whereabouts, what he/she is doing, and whether he/she loves you. You have more energy to focus on your goals and dreams, and you only have to plan your schedule around you.

When you gain excess weight, you realize the importance of exercising and eating moderately. You also learn to eat healthy foods, and you avoid processed foods.

When you get addicted to drugs, you learn to stop judging drug addicts, and you realize why they are addicted to drugs despite knowing their dangers.

When someone you love dies, you learn the dangers of emotional attachment. You also realize that you are a mortal being who will die one day.

When you die, you’ll stop worrying about sickness, relationship problems, money problems, political problems, and so on. Your bodily desires will vanish, and you will not have to work again. All the earthly problems will disappear because you’ll dwell in spiritual planes and you will not have your physical body.

Everything happens for the good. Nothing is completely bad. When facing any difficulty, try realizing what the problem wants you to know, avoid, or change. 

“At every single moment, no matter how much you are being tried, Allah at the same time has given you many eases.” – Yasmin Mogahed

Peace be with you.

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