five secrets for semen retention success

Five Secrets to Semen Retention Success

Last Updated on June 8, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

The semen retention challenge is gaining popularity, and many men want to experience the popularized benefits.

I practiced semen retention for about 18 months and realized that the purported benefits are real.  Today, I want to encourage men to practice semen retention so that they also experience the life-changing benefits I experienced.

For this reason, I will share my five secrets to semen retention success.

  • Read the Benefits of Semen Retention Everyday

Reading semen retention benefits from amazing books  – such as  A History of Celibacy by Elizabeth Abbott – which promote celibacy, is what really enabled me to retain for a long period. Such books encouraged me to retain by increasing my desire to experience the semen retention benefits they discuss such as acquiring spiritual powers, creativity, virility, inner peace, etc. The books also discouraged me from relapsing by implying that my life would change if I conserved my semen.

  • Avoid Porn

Avoid porn for two reasons. First, porn intensifies sexual desire and increases the need to ejaculate, making it almost impossible to retain semen. Second, it objectifies women, making you think about sex when in the company of women. These thoughts will encourage you to seduce women, and successful seduction will lead to ejaculation through sex.

  • Don’t Make Friends with Many Women

You increase your chances of having sexual intercourse by making friends with many women. Many people agree that men cannot be friends with women because the friendship between men and women creates a chance of romantic attraction, which mostly results in sexual intercourse.

There is always sexual tension between a man and a woman, which can make it difficult to maintain clear boundaries, leading to situations where even a casual interaction can transform into a sexual relationship

Making friends with many women also decreases the chances of semen retention success because you might find yourself using the slightest opportunity to have sex with your female friends, and it is almost impossible to reject sex offers from your female friends.

  • Avoid Men Who Are Obsessed With Sex

Men obsessed with sex make overindulgence in sex seem normal. They will infect you with sexual thoughts and make semen retention appear unimportant. They might also introduce you to lustful girls who love casual sex. Stay away from these men if you want to attain semen retention success.

  • Use Semen Retention to Attain A Goal

Semen retention becomes easier if you use it to attain a big goal. I retain my seed, believing it will enable me to reach my full mental and spiritual potential. This belief makes it difficult for me to relapse because I believe I might fail to reach my full spiritual and mental potential if I ejaculate frequently.

For this reason, set a big goal, decide to focus on it, and begin the semen retention challenge: it will be difficult for you to relapse.


There are many secrets to semen retention success you can find by reading books that promote celibacy and discussing semen retention with serious retainers. It’s my desire that you implement these secrets, attain semen retention success and realize how it’s a game changer.

I wish you all the best on your semen retention journey.


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