The Four Major Factors That Made Curtis Jackson, a.k.a 50 Cent, A Very Successful Individual

50 cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, is an outstanding businessman, musician, writer, actor, and film producer.

I highly respect him because, besides becoming a best-selling rapper, he has produced several movies, and he is also the co-executive producer of the latest and most watched TV show: POWER. 50 Cent has also acted in several movies, including Get Rich or Die Trying and Escape Plan.

Furthermore, 50 Cent has succeeded in business, and he has written a best-seller, The 50th Law, with one of the world’s best authors, Robert Greene.

50 cent is an entrepreneur worth to be examined. Today’s article analyzes the 4 things that make him a successful individual.

50 cent is a

  1. Hard-worker

In a certain interview, 50 Cent revealed that when he was not working on a song, he was working on a movie, and when he wasn’t working on either a movie or a song, he was working on his business. When asked when he sleeps, 50 Cent said that he rarely sleeps because sleep is for broke people.

His friends reveal that – at the start of his career – 50 Cent worked on his music skills day and night, and while they went out partying on weekends, he sold drugs.  50 Cent seldom rested, he toiled and strived enthusiastically and he has many things including a multi-million dollar net worth to prove that HARD WORK PAYS.

  1. Highly confident

50 Cent is a very confident individual. In an interview on the Tavis Smiley TV Show, he revealed that he always believed in his abilities so much that people mistook his confidence for arrogance.

In his book with Robert Greene, The 50th Law, 50 Cent writes that he succeeded mainly because he had the confidence to change the direction of his life even when it appeared that the change might result in failure. He also writes that his confidence encouraged him to make risky moves.

  1. An Investor

Besides partying and ‘pimping,’ 50 Cent invested the money he gained from music in various industries including the stock market, the real estate industry, and the mining and precious metals industry.

  1. Very Patient Individual

50 Cent had to be patient for almost 8 years before his music dream came true.

He started rapping when he was 20 but became famous when Eminem signed him and he released the album, Get Rich or Die Trying, in 2003, when he was 28 years old.

If it wasn’t for his patience, 50 Cent could not have been a famous actor, investor, writer, and producer because success in music paved the way for success in other areas.

N/B- I believe there are many other factors that made this rapper very successful. Feel Free to add any ideas in the comment section below.

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