Four Reasons Why Marijuana Hurts Spiritual Growth

Four Reasons Why Marijuana Hurts Spiritual Growth

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Many cannabis addicts believe smoking weed makes them more spiritual. They think they will reach enlightenment when they smoke weed every day. They are wrong because smoking weed for over eight years has enabled me to realize that marijuana hurts spiritual growth.

Here are four reasons why marijuana hurts spiritual growth.

Marijuana Leads to Overthinking and Overanalyzing

When you smoke weed, you think endlessly about everything. Weed can make you overanalyze your past, present, and future.

Overthinking and overanalyzing impede spiritual progress by preventing you from accessing intuitive knowledge, which only arises in a calm mind.

Marijuana Increases Sexual Desire

Many people report an increased desire to have sex after smoking a joint. This increased sexual desire usually leads to sexual fantasies, which mostly result in excess sexual intercourse or masturbation. Too much sex and masturbation prevent spiritual growth by preventing you from rising beyond animal consciousness. Furthermore, too much sex and masturbation dissipate your life-force energy, preventing it from accumulating and rising to the crown chakra.

Marijuana Prevents Spiritual Practice

Smokers prefer social media, songs, and movies when high. This impact of marijuana makes an individual too lazy to embrace spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, and yoga. Spiritual practices are essential for spiritual growth because they raise your vibrational state. Ignoring them makes spiritual growth impossible.

Marijuana Promotes Fantasizing

Many smokers excessively fantasize about a desired future after smoking weed. Excessive fantasizing is bad for spiritual progress because it prevents individuals from living in the present moment. Penney Peirce, a gifted intuitive counselor, reveals that living in the present moment is necessary for spiritual growth because it awakens intuitive abilities by aligning the body, mind, and spirit.

Concluding Remarks

Don’t believe people who tell you that weed is essential for spiritual progress. Realize that humans are designed to experience spiritual growth without drugs. Marijuana hurts spiritual growth by ensuring that you remain in low vibrational states. It also prevents mental clarity, which is essential for amazing spiritual insights.

If you are meditating and reading spiritual books, you don’t need weed because you have already attained a higher state of consciousness. Embrace sobriety, celibacy and fasting if you want to experience fast spiritual growth and reach higher dimensions of consciousness. Try quitting weed for 100 days while embracing these ascetic practices, and you’ll see how weed was a big impediment to your spiritual growth. The spiritual benefits you’ll experience while sober will prevent you from smoking weed every day again because you’ll notice that marijuana hurts spiritual growth.

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