Why Are We Here?

Four Theories That Answer the Biggest Question Ever Asked: Why Are We Here?

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What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?

From time immemorial, people across several cultures have attempted to know the reason why we exist because they believe they will live a purposeful life when they know this reason.

I have also wanted to know the answer to this big question, why are we here? For this reason, I read several books and discovered four major theories that attempt to explain why we are here.

Theory 1 – We Are Here to Grow to Our Full Potential

All plants and animals are designed to grow to their full potential. Lions are designed to become strong creatures, fish are designed to grow fins that enable them to swim easily, and plants are designed to grow and produce leaves, flowers, fruits, or thorns. For this reason, it’s arguable that we – humans – were also created to reach our full potential, which I believe is to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

This is the only purpose every life has. It wants to grow to its full potential. – Sadhguru, Indian Mystic

Theory 2 – We Are Infinite Intelligence/God Experiencing Itself in a Physical Form

Many ancient religions believed Infinite Intelligence’s desire to experience itself in a physical form forced it to transform itself into the physical world. It transformed itself into all living things to experience its powers on the physical plane. We are thus Infinite Intelligence/God in its physical form, and we are here to help it discover its limits in the physical world.

“Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods?” – Jesus, Christian Teacher

Theory 3 – We Came Here For Spiritual Training

According to some individuals, we are spiritual entities that decided to descend to the physical plane for spiritual training. These people claim that the universe uses hardships for the spiritual training. They believe we’ll reincarnate and continue with spiritual training if we don’t attain spiritual maturity in our current life form.

Theory 4 – We Came Here To Take Care of Creation

Many religions believe we came here to take care of God’s creation. They believe our primary duty is to protect the world’s natural resources and ensure ecological balance by controlling the population of plants and animals.

I’m against this theory because nature blossoms without us, and we are responsible for the extinction of several plants and animals.


Why are we here? No one will ever know why we exist. The theories about the reason for our existence are not 100% accurate. They were formed by people like us and they were founded on unverified assumptions. Nevertheless, they are important because they give life meaning.

You are always free to form your personal theory that explains why we are here if you want to make your life purposeful. You don’t have to believe the above theories because they were formed by humans who, just like us, will never understand the purpose of life. Only the Creator knows the purpose of life.


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