Health is the Greatest Blessing We Never Appreciate.

Health is the Greatest Blessing We Never Appreciate

Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker


Health is the greatest blessing. For as Arlen Specter observed, ‘There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.’

Health is The Greatest Blessing.

Today, we commit ourselves to material success and neglect our health because we attach too much importance to material success. Little do we know that we cannot commit to anything if we have poor health. We seldom appreciate the value of our health because we don’t know that health is the greatest blessing since our mental and physical efficiency depends on our health status.

We only appreciate the value of our health when we become seriously ill. Personally, I realized that good health is the greatest blessing after being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and experiencing lightheadedness constantly. I was stressed and thought about the possibility of my health condition worsening. Although I worked on my dreams while experiencing these health complications, it was so difficult to focus because my medications made me dizzy. Besides, gnawing pain in my stomach made it impossible to work on some days.

This experience enlightened me that bad health makes life extremely challenging. It is difficult to have a healthy sexual relationship, commit to our goals, and fully enjoy the good things of life when chronically ill. We also become a burden to our loved ones when chronically ill.

Besides, we become vulnerable to mental health complications such as chronic anxiety and depression when our health condition worsens. Spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga –which require intense mental focus – become difficult to practice. Life turns into a struggle, and getting better becomes the only thing that matters.

Anyway, while sick, I envied healthy people and wished I was them. I wondered why I never appreciated my health before contracting IBS. I promised myself that I would be thankful for my health if I got better.

I firmly understood that health is the greatest blessing after recovering. I expressed gratitude for my health through daily prayer. I now consider myself lucky because I have good health that allows me to commit to my work, read, and embrace spiritual practices.


We should all realize that health is the greatest blessing. We must stop worrying about not having enough material possessions and be grateful that we have the greatest treasure ever: a healthy body. We should realize that many people have been chronically ill for a long period, and all they want is good health. We must rejoice all day, every day, because we are lucky and highly blessed to have good health. Lastly, we should prioritize our health over material possessions because nothing is enjoyable without good health.

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