How Spiritual Beings Experience Physical Reality: An Angel’s Tale

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I, Amensis, an angel, is experiencing physical reality for the first time. I have never experienced this reality as I am obsessed with journeying higher realms. I have only gained interest in the physical realm after noticing that many beings from my home, Hamenti, visit it.

I am a being not limited by time and space. I don’t have to travel to access the physical realm. I just have to think about physical reality for me to experience it.

At this moment, I am thinking about it, and for this reason, I am experiencing it, and I am really perplexed by its nature.

The physical realm is a very dense world. Its reality is more structured and mechanical than the higher realms, and I need strong willpower and intense focus to manifest my desires.

In my world, reality is less dense and very malleable. I just have to think about what I want and it appears.

I have also noticed that time is strange here in physical reality. When I make myself denser, I feel like time is linear. I feel like I have a future and a past. This appearance of time really traumatizes me as I don’t know how to deal with it. I am used to everything happening at once in Hamenti.

I feel like I am trapped in time. I have become aware of a past filled with memories and a future filled with uncertainties, a perception alien to my essence. This temporal constraint makes me feel that my existence is fractured into isolated moments, each slipping away before I can fully grasp it. The future appears like a vast, undiscovered realm, and the past becomes a collection of shadows that haunt my present. I must reduce my density to perceive the past, present, and future as a unified whole.

As I make myself less dense, I see man, a creature that is widely talked about in all spiritual realms. I always hear that he is a link between the physical and spiritual realms and he can become so powerful that he can control spiritual beings.

This information seems contradictory to what I am seeing right now. I see man as a lowly creature. He worries about not having enough time to do things, not realizing that linear time is merely an illusion created by the senses attached to his dense physical body. He fears death and tries his best to avoid it, not knowing that death frees him from his physical body and enables him to access the heavenly realms.

What perplexes me the most about man is that he does not know he is spirit. He thinks he is his body and ego, and he deepens his immersion in the illusion of matter and makes his body denser by having too much sex and worrying about everything. This makes him blind to his true nature and the true nature of physical reality.

I pity man and all the creatures of the physical realm. They have to move from one point to another because their bodies make them experience space. To them, moving from one place to another is an endeavor that requires time and effort, a journey characterized by obstacles and delays. I observe their determination to overcome the obstacles with a mixture of admiration and sorrow.

I can experience space in the physical realm when I make myself denser. Space seems strange to me; it is a vast expanse that restricts movements and binds me to a single location at any given moment. Space feels cumbersome and confining. Unlike my existence in Hamenti, where I appear where I desire, the physical world’s spatial limitations are perplexing and disorienting.

The good thing is that I can remain an outsider to spatial struggles by making myself less dense. I can be in any part of the physical realm when I just think of it. I find myself on the top of a mountain by just visualizing the mountain top. I find myself under a tree by just imagining myself under a tree. Besides, I can effortlessly manifest my presence in multiple locations simultaneously.

One thing I am learning about the earthly realm is that it is a spiritual realm that appears physical because its reality is dense and highly concentrated. When I get out of the earthly realm, it appears to me as an imaginative aspect of God. It doesn’t appear real anymore.

For these reasons, I now know that Earth only appears structured, mechanical and physical to those with earthly bodies or to spirits with dense bodies. If man distances himself from bodily pleasures, he will become less dense and as a result, he will realize the true nature of physical reality and he will be able to transcend time and space when he wants to. Most importantly, he will realize that the earth is a spiritual realm that is a figment of God’s imagination.

I think I have had enough of the earthly experience. I believe it’s time I go back to Hamenti. I am afraid that staying longer on Earth might make me denser, and eventually, I might become trapped in time and space.

I long for Hamenti. Now that I have experienced Earth, I have realized that Hamenti is a magical and wonderful realm. This visit has enriched my understanding of physical reality, but my heart longs for the freedom and pure light of my true home. May you, the beings of Earth, discover your true nature, and may you realize the true nature of physical reality.


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