How We've Let God Down

How We’ve Let God Down

Last Updated on October 6, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

God created us with the ability to reflect. We are the only creatures that can meditate on the infinite miracles that enable us to thrive on this planet.

However, instead of doing that, we constantly worry.

We never take a pause and appreciate the magical present moment and the mysteries of the universe because we are always anxious about the future. We are addicted to worrying about our social status, and we love spending our time comparing ourselves to others.

We never meditate on the fact that we are magnificent beings who are one with God, and we seldom take time to smell flowers, watch the sun, the birds, and do other things that remind us of the existence of a magnificent spirit whose primary duty is to ensure that all creatures thrive. In other words, most of us have lost the sense of wonder since we seldom appreciate God’s creation.

We’ve let ourselves become slaves of a system created by tyrants whose only aim is to exploit us. Instead of trying to get out of this system by employing ourselves and striving for enlightenment, we’ve let the tyrants govern our minds.

Instead of fighting for the survival of planet earth, we’ve let these tyrants destroy the planet’s natural resources. Our forests are dying, many animals are becoming extinct, our air and water are getting polluted, but we don’t care because we mainly focus on making money, forgetting that money is useless without air, water, and other natural resources.

We’ve also descended into egoic-consciousness, which makes us focus on being richer or better than others. For this reason, instead of loving each other unconditionally, we judge each other and embrace envy, malice, and hate.

We’ve forgotten that human beings are greater than the gods (spiritual entities, e.g angels, elementals, ghosts, etc) because we can attain both human and god-consciousness. The gods can only attain god-consciousness. However, we can transcend our human-consciousness by ascending to god-consciousness through spiritual growth, but we are unaware of this blessing because we’ve ignored the spiritual teachings of the ancient masters.

I don’t think God created us to live this way. I believe the factors that modern society promotes are responsible for this lifestyle that disappoints our Creator. We must thus rise above the modern perception of life and strive to live the way we were designed to live because if we do so, we’ll live a life that delights our Lord God the Creator.


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