Is There an Afterlife?

Is There an Afterlife?

Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

I’ve always doubted the idea of an afterlife because I compared death to sleep. However, my beliefs about the afterlife changed after studying ancient cultures and modern religion.

I realized that most ancient cultures, for instance, the Africans, Arabians, and Greeks, believed in an afterlife despite living far apart.

The Greeks believed the soul survived death and went to Hades. They believed good Greeks enjoyed life after death while evil Greeks were tormented.

All African cultures believed their ancestors’ spirits survived death, and they regularly poured libation to them. Some African cultures even performed burial ceremonies and rituals that ensured their loved ones traveled safely to the spirit world.

Besides ancient cultures, modern religions believe in life after death. For instance, both Muslims and Christians believe we survive death: they believe our current actions determine what we’ll experience after death.  Buddhists also believe in the afterlife because they believe in rebirth after death.

Is it possible that an afterlife doesn’t exist considering that ancient cultures living far away from each other believed in life after death? Did religions and ancient cultures make up the idea of life after death?

I believe the intuitive abilities of ancient/deeply religious individuals enabled them to realize the existence of an afterlife. I support their idea that life after death exists because I recently discovered that we have a spirit-self besides our egoic and physical self. I think death only eradicates the physical and egoic-self but fails to eliminate the spirit-self.

Also, the fact that we are energy beings forces me to support the idea of an afterlife because, as Einstein said, ‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.’ Maybe we survive death because it only alters our form by transforming us into spiritual entities that lack a body.

Furthermore, my belief in the spirit world forces me to support life after death because the spirit world allows enitities to experience life without a physical body.

Anyway, we’ll never know if an afterlife really exists. But we must strive to live physical life to the fullest because, if life after death exists, we might regret failing to live up to our human potential. Maybe our spiritual eyes will open when we die, and we’ll realize that we stressed over trivial things instead of enjoying life in a mysterious physical world.

Peace Be With You

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