Live Your Life Because There Is No Timeline of Where You Have to Be or What You Should Be Doing at Any Specific Time/Age

Live Your Life Because There Is No Timeline of Where You Have to Be or What You Should Be Doing at Any Specific Time/Age

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 ‘What use is this pride of appearance, of which so much is risked, and so much is suffered. It cannot promote hate or ease pain.’ – Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth

I am certain that you don’t live your life because you believe you’ll live a better life if you do what society expects you to do during a particular time or when you reach a particular age. I also know that you don’t live your life due to the belief that you have to own particular things or behave in a specific way for society to accept you.

These beliefs are foolish, and they prevent you from reaching your full potential. By succumbing to the pressure to conform, you stifle your individuality and lose touch with who you truly are. This impact results in low self-esteem, which reduces the chances of self-actualization. You quickly become trapped in a cycle of societal expectations that do not align with your core beliefs and values, and you avoid following your passion and exploring your heart’s desires.

I wish people knew that they don’t have to be anything at any particular time. The society must not dictate how you should live your life because what you do mainly affects you.

If you get married because people expect you to marry, the marriage problems will mainly affect you, and those who expected you to marry might be unwilling to help you tackle your marriage problems. Those who will be willing to help you may not provide adequate support. Whatever they will do, they will not prevent you from experiencing more marriage problems.

Also, you might end up raising your child alone if you get pregnant because of society’s pressure. The desire to conform might lead to a rushed or ill-considered decision to conceive in an unhealthy or unstable relationship, resulting in the lack of a supportive partner to share parenting responsibilities.

If you want to live your life by doing your own thing, do it. Don’t avoid following your dreams because you want to do what society expects. Many people, on their deathbeds, regret ignoring their dreams due to the need to conform to society. These people feared to curve their own path because society expected them to get a job, marry, get children, and die. They die regretting and feeling ashamed for denying themselves a better life due to the need to conform to societal expectations.

For this reason, no one should ever tell you that you should marry or get a job because you reached a certain age. Your life journey is unique and you must make decisions that align with your true desires. You must prioritize your own happiness and peace of mind over conforming to external pressures.

Know that you are the only one who can determine the right path for you. Don’t worry if your life journey seems different and don’t expect everyone to understand your journey.

If you want to be happy, live your life by doing things at your own pace and don’t try to conform to society. No one should tell you what you must do. We are all unique in our own way. We come from different backgrounds, and we have different paths to follow. Do what you feel is right for you in your own time, as long as you don’t hurt anyone: you are the only one who knows what makes you happy and fulfilled.

You came into this world to live your life, enjoy it, and have a positive impact on people’s lives. There is no universal rule that requires YOU TO BE AT A PARTICULAR PLACE OR TO DO A PARTICULAR THING AT ANY PARTICULAR TIME.

We stifle our doubts and follow the flock because we do not believe that we can be the directors of our lives – Alain De Botton, The Consolations of Philosophy

What is popular is not necessarily what is right – Alain De Botton, The Consolations of Philosophy

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  1. I absolutely loved what you said on marriage and children, how people will expect you to do it but then you are on your own. Amazing post 😀

  2. Absolutely right…..I was in that state of pleasing the society and forgot about myself but I thank God because he rescued me on time…
    Now I embrace and live ZELOUSLY as God purposed me to be.