Meditation is Not Fun/Easy, But You Should Try It Anyway

Meditation is Not Fun/Easy, But You Should Try It Anyway

Last Updated on June 15, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Many modern spiritual and personal development gurus have popularized meditation, claiming that it improves health, leads to inner bliss, a sense of calm and a spiritual awakening. These and many more benefits of meditation have encouraged many to embrace the practice. However, most people quit the practice after one to three days.

People expect meditation to be easy and fun. Thus, they stop meditating after realizing that it takes time and energy and requires discipline and commitment.

Mainstream gurus are responsible for the idea that meditating is easy and fun. They make meditation look so easy to encourage clients to subscribe to their meditation courses.

You’ll only commit to meditation and experience its benefits if you realize that it can be an unpleasant act that can sometimes lead to headaches and dizziness due to the need to place all your attention on something (breathe, candle, etc.). The first time I tried meditating, I quit within one week after realizing that it was strenuous. I found it difficult to focus on my breath and observe my thoughts and let them go.

Today, I meditate because I stopped believing that it is easy. I expect it to be hard: therefore, I continue meditating even when I experience difficulties.

After meditating for a while, I didn’t experience a spiritual awakening and the popularized benefits of the practice. However, I still meditate because meditating allows me to forget my troubles by bringing me into the present moment for a while. Furthermore, while focusing on my breath, I notice a mysterious but intelligent power within me that controls bodily activity. Thus, meditating reminds me that I am one with a Higher Power.

Observing how I have little control over bodily functions while meditating reminds me that I am not the body. I learned that I am a mysterious energetic being, and the body is a physical extension. This realization has been beneficial in my effort to transcend the ego and encourages me to focus on spiritual development.

Meditating has also enabled me to observe my thoughts and know what I mostly think about.

I have not experienced the mainstream benefits of meditation, such as inner bliss and inner stillness. However, I believe meditation can lead to these experiences if practised for long.

I also believe the few benefits of meditation that I experienced first-hand are enough to convince you to meditate. I am certain that you’ll experience them and many other powerful spiritual benefits such as out-of-body experiences and inner bliss if you meditate for a long period. I believe meditation can lead to powerful spiritual experiences because many powerful ancient cultures, secret societies, and occultists practised it.

To conclude, for you to not give up early and experience all the benefits of meditation, you must realize that it can be a strenuous activity that requires energy, time, commitment, and consistency. This realization will enable you to persevere its difficulties and allow you to embrace the practice for a long period.

I wish you all the best. May peace be with you.

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