Modern Society and the Illusion of a Perfect Life

Modern Society and the Illusion of a Perfect Life

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘Man’s relentless pursuit of perfection in its countless different guises is the greatest cause of unhappiness in the world. Man mostly postpones his pleasures in life, suspends it until such time as he has the perfect career, the perfect home, or the perfect bank balance.’ – Theun Mares, Return of the Warriors

The media promotes the illusion of a perfect life by portraying celebrities as individuals with beautiful spouses, families, cars, and houses. As well, most social media users only post the good part of their lives, making us believe the illusion of a perfect life.

This illusion has encouraged us to postpone happiness since we believe we’ll only be happy when we get a perfect relationship, body, house, job, etc. It results in the failure to appreciate our possessions and relationships because we feel they aren’t perfect.

The illusion of a perfect life also makes us feel shameful when facing difficulties, resulting in us hiding our difficulties. It discourages us from asking for help when going through difficulties.

The idea of a perfect life intensifies our fear of failure because it leads to the belief that failure is a sign of imperfection. We then avoid chasing our dreams or pursuing anything that exposes us to failure because we don’t want to be associated with failure.

Believing in the possibility of a perfect life has led to feelings of inadequacy. We feel we aren’t enough, and we believe we are not important because we don’t have a perfect life.

Little do we know that no one lives a perfect life since everybody experiences hardships and tragedies. We are unaware that rich people, celebrities, and many other people we believe are living a perfect life usually have several aspects of their lives that are imperfect. Some of them have committed suicide because they believed their life was imperfect despite achieving all their goals.

For this reason, I believe anybody who doesn’t find his life perfect today will never find it perfect in the future no matter what she achieves because there will always be a segment of her life that will be imperfect. I, therefore, think we should start appreciating our lives and realize that life is perfect the way it is.

We should also realize that the imperfect parts of our lives are important because they stimulate personal development, and we must awaken to the fact that most of us will lack the desire to improve our lives if everything was perfect.

To conclude, we should discard the illusion of perfection and realize that everything in our life, whether perfect or not, presents an opportunity for progress.


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