Why You Must Never Share Big Ideas with Small Minded People

Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

When you share big ideas with a small-minded person, you’ll doubt them because this person will infect you with doubtful thoughts.

All of us have feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety, and courage in us. These feelings mostly become active when you associate with people who intensify them. For instance, associating with brave people and big dreamers activates the courage in you while hanging out with anxious people makes you an anxious individual. This effect that other people have on us explains why we are usually advised to share our ideas with big-minded people as they’ll reinforce the boldness in us.

Have you ever doubted a big idea after sharing it with a small-minded person? How did you feel after sharing your idea? It’s obvious you felt discouraged. Imagine telling such people your ideas every day. There are high chances that they’ll reinforce the doubt in you and make you give up.

Thus, the main reason we are told to keep our ideas to ourselves is that a large percentage of people don’t believe in big ideas. It’s better to keep your ideas to yourself than to tell the small-minded because they’ll drain your energy and make you lose faith in your ideas.

We are social beings and we’ll always be tempted to share our ideas. But we must be cautious about who we share our ideas with.

In summary, avoid sharing your ideas with small-minded people. Instead, share them with those who will reinforce your faith because they’ll make you have the confidence you need to turn your ideas into reality

Stop sharing your ideas with small-minded people – Steve Harvey

What happens inside you depends on the people you let in your life – Steward Emery

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  1. And i quote “Great minds discuss ideas. Mediocre minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt,