My First Out-of-Body Experience

My First Out-of-Body Experience

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

On 17th January, I had three lucid dreams, experienced several incidences of sleep paralysis and heard buzzing sounds in my head. I had a hunch that these were signs of an impending out-of-body experience. I later studied stories of people with similar experiences and realized that most people who experienced lucid dreams and a buzzing sound that accompanied sleep paralysis had an out-of-body experience.

On 19th January, I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and said an affirmative prayer – related to prosperity, peace, love, and harmony – after realizing that this is the time when my spirit body is more active and powerful than the physical body. After saying the prayer, I said silently and repeatedly that I am an infinite being in a human body (By the way, I have been telling myself that I am an infinite being in a human body since 1st January 2023).

Suddenly, I had something pull me out of my body and I screamed. I don’t know whether the scream was mental or physical. I then found myself floating downwards beside the building I live in. I then noticed that I was out of my body. It was a scary, mysterious, but amazing experience. I then decided to float upwards to the next building.

It was dark but bright at the same time and I saw people going to work as I floated above them. I knew I was in spirit form: therefore, I assumed that they did not see me. However, I was surprised when they started throwing things at me. They were not very aggressive but they didn’t like my presence. I wondered why. I later discovered that they saw me because they were also in spirit form. They were lost souls; dead people still attached to earthly life. I assumed they threw things at me because they knew I was a stranger in their realm.

I tried flying higher but I got tired. I tried penetrating through a building but failed. I then thought about my body and I found myself on my bed. I was so shocked but happy at the same time because I had a life-changing spiritual experience. I did not sleep again as I thought about the experience. I thought about the lost souls and how death is not the end of life. But mostly, I contemplated the illusory nature of the physical world and the existence of dimensions populated with spirits of the dead. I became firmly aware of my spiritual nature and discovered that my physical body prevents me from perceiving other dimensions.

By the way, I did not do any out-of-body experience techniques. However, I have practiced semen retention/chastity/celibacy for more than 400 days. In the first year of chastity, I entertained sexual thoughts. This year, I avoided them after realizing that they make my body denser and dull my soul. Thus, I now practice mental celibacy. I also quit smoking weed for 100 days. I relapsed over the December holidays, but I re-embarked on my sobriety journey this year. Besides, I started eating about 7 hours before going to bed on 15th Jan 2023.

I believe celibacy, sobriety, and eating dinner early led to the out-of-body experience by making my body less dense and my spirit more active. My life force energy is no longer invested in digestion, sex, and reacting to addictive substances at night, allowing it to awaken my spirit-self.

This experience has really changed my perception of life. It has made me realize that I am making so much spiritual progress and I was born to be a spiritual master.

The journey has just begun. Keep in touch for amazing spiritual insights and more experiences.

Peace be with you

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