My Second and Third Out-of-Body Experiences

My Second and Third Out-of-Body Experiences

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

After having my first out-of-body experience without trying, I knew I will have more experiences because I embrace some ascetic practices.

I was right because I had two more out-of-body experiences.

The second out-of-body experience occurred on 25th January

25th January

First, I dreamt about a dead classmate. In the dream, I told him that I knew he was dead. I also told the people in the dream that this guy died a few years ago but they all laughed. I then woke up.

I tried sleeping and suddenly, I felt myself leaving my body. While I was out of my body, I imagined myself as superman flying to the moon and I found myself heading towards it. Suddenly, I was in a hole struggling to reach the outer world which was brightened by the sun. I really struggled to fly out of the hole because something was pulling me back. I then found myself in a very small room with red bricks without windows. I tried penetrating through the walls but failed. I was very afraid that a spiritual being will appear in the room and I decided to return to my body.

My third out-of-body experience occurred on 2nd February

2nd February

I first dreamed about trying to have an out-of-body experience and a roommate complaining that I need prayers because I do strange things a night, I wanted to ask him what happened. (I don’t really remember the dream).

I then woke up from the dream, and a few minutes after sleeping, I found myself out of my body and looking at my bed. I was fully conscious that it was an out-of-body experience and I was in my room, which appeared larger. I tried moving through walls but failed. I then heard a child playing. The voice was so mysterious but strangely beautiful. I really wanted to meet this child. I wanted to go out of the room but I couldn’t. I noticed that the walls were very elastic but I couldn’t penetrate through them. I flew all over the room and decided to go back to my body. I had an intense fear of seeing strange beings

I woke up and I felt like something heavy was lifted from my mind. I then felt a deep sense of inner peace.

I love these experiences and I crave them. I want to learn more about the astral world. It’s a frightening but beautiful realm at the same time. I have stopped reading other people’s experiences because most people claim that they see spiritual beings. I fear seeing these beings. Thus, when I think about them when I am outside my body, I always panic and return to my body. Therefore, fear is my biggest impediment.

I have decided to not fear anything in my next out-of-body experience. I am eager to explore the astral world and access the akashic records while out of my body. I know shamans and ancient spiritual masters relied on out-of-body experiences to gain secret knowledge., I want to access this knowledge, use it for spiritual growth, and share it with you.

Peace be with you

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