Nikola Tesla And Semen Retention:Did Tesla Practice Semen Retention?

Nikola Tesla And Semen Retention: Did Tesla Practice Semen Retention?

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Nikola Tesla, mainly referred to as a genius who made the great discoveries that shaped the modern world, was a Serbian-American inventor and engineer. He discovered the foundation of most alternating-current machinery and pioneered the development of the remote control and the field of radio communication.

For a long period, it has been argued that Nikola Tesla’s passion for learning, solitary lifestyle, and work ethic were responsible for his contributions. However, some people today believe that semen retention was a key factor in his extraordinary contributions and intellectual abilities. This belief has arisen as a result of the realization that semen retention could be connected to high intellectual power.

Nikola Tesla’s lifestyle and his remarks on women and sex imply that he might have practiced semen retention. Nikola Tesla never got married and he had little interest in romantic relationships, making people think he was gay. Some scholars even believe that he died a virgin.

I think Nikola Tesla avoided romantic relationships because he believed they would lead to marriage, which he considered a great impediment to making great inventions. His remark, ‘I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men,’ proves that he believed marriage could prevent him from devoting more time and energy to science: the love of his life.

When asked about sex, Nikola Tesla said;

‘I recognize the importance that sex plays in the life of man. Nature has made its attraction irresistible to insure the perpetuity of the race. As for myself, I have found that the thinker is confronted with the problem of perpetuating either the species or the mind. It is almost impossible, at least in certain realms of high endeavor, to do both. This has been recognized by the Hindus, whose adepts practise complete sexual abstinence, and by many of the great religions.

This comment indicates that Nikola Tesla had studied the idea of semen retention so extensively that he discovered that it perpetuates the mind. In other words, he had realized that semen retention enabled the advancement of intellectual abilities.

The comment also shows that he had studied the idea of semen retention in many religions and understood the Hindu concept of Brahmacharya, which generally refers to a lifestyle characterized by sexual abstinence. Besides its spiritual purposes, ancient Hinduism promoted Brahmacharya because they believed seminal energy rises to the brain when not depleted through sex or masturbation, resulting in intensified intellectual power.

Nikola Tesla understood the impact of seminal energy on the brain. He said, ‘Before I produced the rotating magnetic field, I concentrated all my powers upon my experiment. The strain would have killed a hundred oxen. I certainly could not have survived it if I had permitted my energies to be diverted into the channels of sex.’

He knew that sexual intercourse results in a massive loss of seminal energy or life-force energy, which rises to the brain and results in heightened mental abilities when conserved by avoiding sex.

I believe Nikola Tesla also knew that semen contains the minerals that boost brain health and function, and the brain’s abilities improve greatly when ejaculation is avoided because these minerals become available to it. He must have been familiar with this concept due to his intellectual curiosity and dedication to extensive study. I explained the concept in my article, Why Semen Retention Makes You A Genius.

As you have seen, Nikola Tesla’s lifestyle and comments on sex and marriage imply that he practiced semen retention and understood its impact on high intellectual capacities. However, it is wrong to solely attribute all his discoveries to semen retention since many factors such as destiny, spiritual enlightenment, solitude, extensive reading, and intense focus can result in extraordinary inventions. Besides, many geniuses have made extraordinary inventions despite having an active sex life.

Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that semen retention might have played a role, even if small, in Nikola Tesla’s intellectual prowess because several spiritual and scientific facts indicate that sexual abstinence enhances cognitive abilities.

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